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Hawaiian Experience Spa hides $250 gift certificate somewhere in Scottsdale, Arizona


$250 Day Spa Gift Certificate hidden in Scottsdale

In a new twist on marketing we have hidden a $250 gift certificate somewhere in Scottsdale! The gift certificate is valid for any $250 in regular priced services at the spa. If you are the lucky one who finds it you will have $250 to use at the day spa anytime over the next year.

Everyday starting on October 1, 2009 we will post a clue on our blog as where you can find the gift certificate. The clues will get better and better as the days go on so keep checking back each day. Whoever figures it out first and finds the gift certificate is the winner.

If you participate in this contest you are agreeing to and understand the following:

  • You are looking for the gift certificate at your own risk. Don’t do anything crazy.
  • The gift certificate is not anywhere dangerous so don’t look anywhere dangerous.
  • If you find it you must allow us to photograph you and release your photograph, name, and city of residence in a press release before the gift certificate is activated.
  • If you find it you must notify us within 24 hours or the gift certificate will be void.
  • You must be 18 or older to participate in this contest.

Have fun and check our blog each day for clues starting October 1, 2009.

For more information on the spa, please visit us at HawaiianExperienceSpa.com.