Oakworks Massage Tables Not Recommended For Lomi Lomi

Aloha: We know that many of you follow our blog because of your interest in lomi lomi massage. Therefore, we need to inform you of some unfortunately news. Oakworks, a leading manufacturer of massage tables, has informed us that lomi lomi massages should not be performed on their tables unless you use a table cover. Obviously, that is not possible, therefore they have effectively told us their tables are not suitable for lomi lomi massage.

We have experienced increasing quality issues with Oakworks and the CEO has personally communicated their unwillingness to resolve these issues. Therefore, we strongly recommend that Oakworks massage tables not be used for lomi lomi massage.

We will no longer be purchasing them at our spas because of quality issues and Oakworks’ lack of customer service and concern with these and other problems with their equipment.

Read more about Oakworks poor table quality here. We will let you know when we find a quality replacement option.