Zachary B.: Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Zachary B. Malahini Licensed Massage Therapist

Zachary B.
Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha: My name is Zachary and I am a Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist at Hawaiian Experience Spa. Kahuna means I am a master, medical level, massage therapist. I work in our Chandler Day Spa.

My full profile can be found on our main website here: Zachary B.’s Spa Profile Page

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24 replies on “Zachary B.: Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist”

  1. Sara Maurer says:

    “Zachary gave me a great massage!” Sandra N, Gilbert 7/5/15

  2. Sara Maurer says:

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Zach. It was extremely relaxing, but when I left, I felt more energetic. It was a terrific experience! Thanks Zach!” Debbie R, Phoenix 7/2/2015

  3. Sara Maurer says:

    “Zachary worked on me this last visit and he’s fanTAStic! He has a great touch, consistent pressure, obviously knows anatomy extremely well, found my “spots” easily, and seemed to “feel” exactly what felt good to me, and was good for me…plus, he’s so nice. I probably shouldn’t tell you all of this, as it may make it more difficult for me to get appointments with him! But, the truth is the truth, and I’d like him to do well.” Shari R, Chandler 7/1/2015

  4. Here is a comment from a recent survey:

    “What an awesome experience! There was one thing that stood out over everything else and that was the fact you read the paper work you had us fill out. Being allergic to coconut is somewhat rare from what I understand and you guys spotted it out and made everything coconut free for me. Even went as far as thinking about the fact that my wife had coconut oil on her and that might get to me for our couples massage. Everywhere I go that I have to fill out forms, this is always over looked. So thank you for the attention to detail. We had a great time! Thank you so much for making our date lunch an awesome time!” Colby W., Chandler

  5. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Zachary has a great talent for identifying problem areas and helping to realign one’s body. He seems to have an innate ability to focus his energy on the areas that truly aide the realignment of one’s body. He’s one of my favorite therapist I’ve seem to date. A true professional, as well as a knowledgeable therapist. I adore Hawaiian Experience Spa for the talented therapists and aestheticians, and the kind Jodi and Alec at the front desk. Every moment of my time spent in the spa fills me with a sense of calm and relaxation. I feel like an incredibly lucky person to have come across your spa and have adored the almost year of my membership.” Madeleine K., Chandler

  6. Another great comment from are recent survey:

    “Best massage I ever had. I wish I had purchased a longer service.” Kelly T., Chandler

  7. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Zachary is a very skilled, compassionate, intuitive therapist! He not only provided an amazing full body lomi lomi but he also paid much needed attention to my shoulder and neck area, sharing very informative anatomical information as well as how to help myself going forward.” Vicki H., Mesa

  8. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “My wrap and massage were great. Zachary did a great job and worked some magic on my neck to get me to relax. I also really enjoyed the wrap. I think I could have stayed wrapped up in all that warmth for hours. We really enjoy coming to the Chandler Spa. I can\’t wait to come back.” Melissa H., Tempe

  9. Another great comment from a recent survey”

    “From Sara at the front desk to Zach doing the scrub, wrap and massage, and Angel doing my facial… Everyone and everything made my Hawaiian Experience perfect. Zach may look young but he definitely knows what he’s doing. I look forward to getting a Thai massage from him the next time!” Julie N., Tucson

  10. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Zachary did a great job! Felt like a million bucks afterwards!” Kristin K., Chandler

  11. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Zachary was amazing! He is highly knowledgeable and a wonderful massage therapist.” Michelle A., Phoenix

  12. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “My therapist was excellent because of him I will be getting a membership the end of the month. The desk staff was very professional and very informative they understood as well as my therapist that I was very nervous and they made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Hawaiian experience spa I have tried other spas and this one was the best.” Jeanne S., Mesa

  13. Here is a short but sweet comment left from a recent survey:

    “Thanks Zach! The massage was fantastic!” Ashley O., Chicago

  14. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “I am very happy with the massage. Everything was very nice. I have been to messages in Hawaii and the only difference between here and there was it was on the beach. I enjoy coming here. Thanks for a wonderful experience.” Karen M., Gold Canyon

  15. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Very much enjoyed the massage. Very pleasant person. Right amount of pressure. Was very knowledgeable and gave good advice. Would definitely make another appointment with him. Leona M., Maricopa

  16. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “I had the Maui relaxation massage for the second time.. again, it was AMAZING! I also liked how it was a little different from one therapist to another. Each time is a unique experience, and each one so wonderful.. I’m so happy to have found your spa! Zachary seeked out my problem areas, areas of tension, and gently worked them out. I especially liked how he would ‘change things up’! I never knew what was going to happen next! The steam therapy was AMAZING! It was the first time I had ever had that and now I will DEFINITELY be doing that again!” Gabrielle M., Chandler

  17. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Zachary found issues with my back and hip that I didn’t realize were there. When he was finished, my hip no longer hurt and my back didn’t seem as tight. The massage wasn’t like the normal Lomi Lomi, however I am glad that Zachary realized and relieved the tightness and tension in my back and hip.Thanks Zach!” Pam H., Chandler

  18. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “He was great at asking about my prior experience and when he knew I was more modest he had no problem in asking what I was/wasn’t comfortable with. The scrub is always a great addition and the massage was excellent! The experience overall was enjoyable, I enjoyed the scrub and the environment was very clean. I’ve been to this location twice and haven’t been disappointed, I will definitely be back!” Tiffani G., Scottsdale

  19. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Zachary was excellent. The right amount of pressure and took time to work out all the areas I asked and some that he found along the way. I left relaxed and with no pain! I appreciated that Zachary asked a lot of questions about what part of my body needed work, even asking if I knew why. I think that’s why he did such a great job of working on those areas. We even had to make a last minute change and the person on the phone was super helpful and made the change right away. We always get great service from the desk staff!” Alicia B., Gilbert

  20. Yet another great comment from a recent survey:

    “He did a wonderful job of finding the pain points and releasing all the pain. It was a wonderful experience.” Mridula W., Gilbert

  21. Here is a great comment from a recent survey:

    “We had a wonderful time with couples massage and we were so pleased with the service that we became members. I have to say that was probably the best massage I have ever had and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.” Augusto B., Avondale

  22. Another comment left from a recent survey:

    “Great Massage. Would request him again.” London C., Gilbert

  23. Here is a great comment from a recent survey:
    “Zachary worked on the areas that I needs and was able to release my muscles. He gave me information to help stay loose at home. He was very easy to talk to in addition to having an excellent understanding of anatomy. It was a great experience.” Amelia L., Mesa

  24. Below are some early comments about Dennis. Please feel free to add your own or just email us or complete a survey and we will post your comment here for you.

    “He was great! Attentive and thorough.” Imani W., Chandler, AZ August 2014

    “Zachary was very professional and gave me exactly the massage I requested. I left Hawaiian Spa feeling relaxed and the tightness in my shoulders no longer plagued me. I felt wonderful.” Lynn B., Kingman, AZ July 2014

    “I was having some discomfort in my shoulder. Zach provided not only the therapy to relieve the pain, but also preventative steps I can take to relieve future pain.” Scott F., Mesa, AZ July 2014

    “We had a relaxing time. The experience was enjoyable. They were very professional and catered to our individual needs. We felt quite refreshed when we were done.” Shnelle S., July 2014

    “I have been waiting a long time to have a Spa day. This was truly incredible for me. I had major back surgery in Dec and I have had to wait to get in for a Spa Day. I have been having some trouble with my lower back and Zachary was phenomenal ! He asked questions about how I felt, where I hurt and asked specific question on the procedure I had done. He worked on me with great care and perfect skills! I felt like a massive bowl of jello when he was finished! I have not felt this good in months! What an awesome start to my “day at the spa”. Suzanne B., Maricopa, AZ July 2014

    “Zach was very knowledgeable about my condition-rotator cuff repair. The treatment really helped my pain. The Hawaiian Spa Experience is such a nice getaway. It really is an escape. Zachary was great. He listened to what I wanted and was very knowledgeable and skilled. I really enjoy the spa experience here and feel like I am getting my money’s worth.” July 2014

    “Zachary was so knowledgeable and professional. He put me at ease and gave me the best hot seashell massage! He was so warm and I loved how he explained what he felt and why he was doing certain things. It was just what this girl needed! Thanks Zachary! You\’re a special guy! Jody G., Gilbert, AZ June 2014

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