Becca G.: Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Becca G. Malahini Licensed Massage Therapist

Becca G.
Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha: My name is Becca and I am a Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist at Hawaiian Experience Spa. Kahuna means I am a master, medical level, massage therapist. I work in our Scottsdale Day Spa.

My full profile can be found on our main website here: Becca G.’s Spa Profile Page

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22 replies on “Becca G.: Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist”

  1. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Hands down one of the best messages I’ve had no complaints.” Deepa H., Chandler

  2. Here is another short but sweet comment from a recent survey:

    “Becca was great as always. She’s always very in tune with my body and has a caring touch. Her Lomi Lomi technique is great!” Will F., Queen Creek

  3. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “I had the Coconut Scrub and Lomi Lomi with Becca. This was my first time with Becca, and I would rate the entire session as absolutely wonderful. She consulted with me thoroughly before we got started, the scrub was intense and invigorating, and the Lomi Lomi one of the best I have had. We adjusted the pressure to be a little deeper after a few minutes, and from that point on it was bliss. I would definitely recommend Becca, and would not hesitate to book with her again.” James G., Chandler

  4. “Becca was perfectly communicative and checked to make sure she was using the right pressure. She was very intuitive and found all my pain points. The Waikiki massage exceeded my expectations.” Steve H., Savage, MN

    “Becca performed a wonderful massage and kept the movements going continuously. I asked her to work on some sciatica type symptoms that bother me and she was able to release the tightness really well. I felt great on the golf course the next day!” Jim S., Scottsdale, AZ

  5. “Becca has a very high level of skill and a unique technique. I prefer strong/firm pressure. Becca has a naturally relaxing approach, but seems to maximize therapeutic effect with focused energy. I highly recommend her.” Doug M., Gilbert, AZ

    “My whole experience was fantastic. Everyone should try a 2 hour double lomi lomi at least once in their life.” Scott G., Scottsdale, AZ

    “Becca was great as always! I will definitely be back for more soon!” Lisa M., Scottsdale, AZ

  6. Becca has gotten some awesome survey responses back lately:

    “Amazing massage and experience!” Brooke E., Phoenix, AZ

    “No room for improvement. Love the spa and the talented therapists. Thanks Rebecca!” Scott C.

    “I am always grateful for the awesome job Becca does. You just know she pours her talents and love for what she does into you. When I leave I feel like I’m walking in heaven :)Mike M., Scottsdale, AZ

    “I regularly have massages, and have had many excellent massages at Hawaiian Experience Spa, however today\’s Lomi with Becca was the best ever! I wanted a Lomi, but I really needed some attention to my legs, which were really tight, so somehow she was able combine the deep tissue I needed with the relaxation of a Lomi.” Steven C., Carefree, AZ

    “Becca did a terrific job once again, this being the ninth time I\’ve had her as a therapist (lost count). Though I was feeling a little under the weather, the massage helped to alleviate my headache and sinuses. I also managed to fall asleep — however briefly — and this is indicative of how relaxed I was as I usually never allow myself to fall asleep. She paid attention to the details once again, asking me which music I preferred, how the pressure was and how the massage was overall. Having said that my back was giving me problems, she made sure to focus on it and this helped greatly in reducing my overall pain/headache. Also, toward the end the music stopped a little early, but I did not notice because I was so relaxed. It was a very short 90 minutes once again, but I look forward to scheduling an appointment with Becca before the new year. She is a terrific therapist.” Tom H., Mesa, AZ

    “Becca, was unbelievable on how experienced she was. I know that she has not been with your spa for a long time but the smooth strokes that she displayed in doing the Lomi Lomi, I would of thought of her as someone that has been with your spa for years. She was very attentive to making sure that I was comfortable and that my massage was preformed well. I will defiantly be booking her again.” Mark G., Peoria, AZ

    “Normally, I drift in a twilight state during a massage. This time, I was fully aware and fully awake the entire time and it was a pleasant change for me. As if I was appreciating the experience more. Becca asked good questions and provided me a clear description of what to expect. She allowed me to drive the conversation and I learned of her educational background which increased my confidence in her knowledge and abilities. I had never had a Lomi Lomi massage before and might have been uncomfortable if Becca had not clearly described how she would position herself on the table to achieve some of the more intense movements.” Kristine S., Willowbrook

    “”Wow” is the first thing that comes to mind after receiving a massage from Becca. She was friendly and had incredible technique. I would, without a doubt, see her again!” Matt S., Mesa, AZ

    “Becca did a fantastic job! To my knowledge, this is the only spa in Scottsdale that offers Lomi Lomi and she was spot on! So relaxing!”Steve L., Scottsdale, AZ

    “Becca simply does a terrific job and I always look forward to the next massage — not simply because it is a massage however (everyone looks forward to their next massage). Becca is always friendly, always asks how my week was, what my plans are for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. She is not simply asking to ask, but is genuinely interested and that is always appreciated. Having worked at a number of resorts, I realize how important it is to establish relationships with guests and make them feel welcome. Whether or not Becca has worked at a five-diamond resort, she always makes me feel as if I were at one. She always has a smile on her face and is focused on giving the best massage possible and that is an indicative of someone who loves what they do. She is a great asset to Hawaiian Experience Spa and I always look forward to coming back. ” <Tom H., Mesa, AZ

  7. Check out these new survey reviews of Becca:

    “This was the fifth time that I had Becca as a therapist and it was a great massage once again. She is always focused and asks questions throughout the massage as to how I am doing and whether I would like deeper or lighter pressure. Some therapists only ask once, but she makes sure to ask more, which shows how invested she is in giving you the best massage possible. She also asked what music I preferred this time. All the music, (instrumental, etc.) is enjoyable, but I like that she gave me the option. As usual, my only complaint was the hour went by too fast, but I hope to schedule a two-hour appointment soon.” Tom H., Mesa, AZ

    “I received the Waikiki massage. Becca did an amazing job. I have chronic lower back pain from sitting in an office and from golfing. She worked not only my lower back but the leg and stomach muscles that contribute to lower back pain. I feel 100% better and look forward to returning for a 90 minute appointment with Becca!” Ralph W., Scottsdale, AZ

  8. The great surveys keep rolling in for Becca! Here are some comments from this week:

    “Outstanding addition to your staff. Enjoyed every moment of the Lomi Lomi Massage. Look forward to my next appointment.” Mike H., Cave Creek, AZ

    “Once again I had a great experience. Becca did a terrific job and I was so relaxed that I fell asleep for about five minutes or so, which is a first (I try not to fall asleep during a massage because it goes by too fast as is). It is so nice to know that I don’t have to buy a plane ticket to experience a little bit of Hawaii, but can travel 30 minutes to Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Tom H., Mesa, AZ

  9. This review for Becca just came into my email:

    “Rebecca at Hawaiian Experience Spa is amazing. I loved the Lomi Lomi and she catered it perfectly to my need. Sciatic pain is gone and my back feels great. I will be back the next time I am in town.” Steve R., Cranston, RI

  10. Check out this great survey response about Becca:

    “I see Becca for therapeutic reasons and I couldn’t be happier with her technique, ability to assist and her willingness to show me proper home care for my back pain!” Lisa R., Scottsdale, AZ

  11. I had an awesome Lomi Lomi massage from Becca this week. She had great pressure and flow. It felt like I was getting a massage from someone who had been doing Lomi Lomi for years!

  12. “It was a nice, relaxing experience once again, so much so that I almost fell asleep at one point (which I try not to do because the massage already goes by too fast as is). Becca is a great therapist and she really cares about what she does. She was friendly, asked how the pressure was throughout the massage (and made sure to change the pressure accordingly, which not every therapist does) and though I did not come in for medical issues, the chronic neck pain I experience due to TMJ was somewhat alleviated by the stretching that she did. She is a an asset to your business and I look forward to scheduling another appointment with her soon.” Tom H., Mesa, AZ

  13. Becca got some great survey responses this weekend:

    “Becca knew EXACTLY the areas that needed the most attention based on my business life. She found spots that I wasn’t even aware of and worked on one that was bothering me. I signed up for a membership based on working with Becca and I look forward to her help in the future!” Lisa R., Scottsdale, AZ

    “This was the second time that I had Becca as a therapist and, once again, she did a terrific job. She apologized for being a few minutes later due to a new client (I didn’t mind at all, but it was a nice thing to do), made sure to ask if the oil was not too hot (which is important), and asked how the pressure was throughout the massage. She definitely takes pride in what she does and is a wonderful addition to the team. I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to scheduling an appointment with her again soon.” Tom H., Mesa, AZ

  14. “Becca was great! The combination of a body scrub then massage was really nice and relaxing! My skin felt super soft.” Lisa M., Scottsdale, AZ

  15. “Since I started getting my message from Becca I have made it a point to come every month. I so look forward to getting my message\’s from her. She is good! Try the two hour. You’ll never go back to one hour :)” Mike M., Phoenix, AZ

  16. Becca was recently trained in Lomi Lomi. Check out these awesome survey reviews:

    “Great experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a newer therapist, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of my massage. Very relaxing and worked out all my problem areas. She will make a great addition to the spa!” Michelle L., Glendale, AZ

    “Becca was very friendly and professional — she asked what was the occasion for the visit, which is always a nice conversation starter as opposed to just asking if there are any areas to focus on — and she made sure to ask how the pressure was during the massage, which is easy to forget. Though she is doing Lomi Lomi training, she might as well have been doing it for years. I have seen therapists at both locations and I would recommend Becca to anyone for Lomi Lomi. She did a terrific job. I would definitely schedule another appointment with her in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later. I have had a membership at the spa for over a year now and though I am in college and do not have much by way of disposable income, it is worth the money because it is such an outstanding place!” Tom H., Mesa, AZ

  17. Another great survey response about Becca:

    “My massage was wonderfully relaxing! I would go back if ever I am in Scottsdale.” Ada K., Burnaby, BC

  18. Wow! What a great quote about Becca:

    “Becca was very thorough and delivered an outstanding massage which fixed all my problems. She was very attentive and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!” William K., Scottsdale, AZ

  19. Some more great reviews for Becca just came in:

    “This is my 3d time with Becca and she is amazing. We had a conversation about words to describe the state of which her message puts me in.(awesome, great, good, exciting, relaxing) I just don’t have the right word to explain how great her work is. Becca makes me feel special, intimate, and safe.” Mike M., Phoenix, AZ

    “Tension is less, I should schedule a longer period for more benefit. Everything about the spa is wonderful. Easy make an appt, friendly welcoming staff!” Tana K., Scottsdale, AZ

    “Becca is a great addition to your team.” Scott C., Scottsdale, AZ

  20. Have you tried out Becca yet? Every review has been great! Check out some of the most recent from this week:

    “Very good, through, and professional at all times.” Jay W., Minot, ND

    “Thanks Becca for the two hour massage. The massage was very relaxing and you gave an excellent massage. I normally, book the lomi Lomi but, this time I tried the Maui Ultimate relaxation massage. Becca gave an excellent massage. I felt relaxed afterwards and the massage pressure was perfect.” Greg N., Fountain Hills, AZ

  21. Becca is getting great reviews! Have you tried her yet? Here are survey comments that just came in:

    “It was my first massage with Becca and she was awesome! She used a harder pressure which I like and it was very relaxing. Will definitely go to her again!” Lisa M., Scottsdale, AZ

    “Great massage!” Tracy S., Phoenix, AZ

  22. Here is Becca’s first client comment from a long time client of the spa: “I didn’t for a pain reduction message but I do have a knee injury that required delicate touching. Becca was completely knowledgeable in handling that area and in fact I felt less pain after my message. The only room for improvement that I can think off is that next time I’m going for two hours with Becca. In other words more of the same. She is an excellent therapist. Please don’t loose her.” Mike M., Phoenix, AZ August 2014

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