Breanna W.: Licensed Massage Therapist

Breanna W. Licensed Massage Therapist

Breanna W.
Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha: My name is Breanna and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist at Hawaiian Experience Spa. I work in our Chandler Day Spa.

My full profile can be found on our main website here: Breanna W.’s Spa Profile Page

If you had a service with me please post a comment below and tell the rest of the world why they should come to Hawaiian Experience Spa and get a massage or spa treatment with me. I really appreciate it! If you are really motivated, please place a five star review about the spa and mention my name on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Spa Finder, or Google Places! You can find all the review site on the Hawaiian Experience Spa Review Page! Reviews on those pages really help me out. :)

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28 replies on “Breanna W.: Licensed Massage Therapist”

  1. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Erin & BreAnna were the perfect combination for my Kahuna Lomi session! All of my trouble areas of stress and tension were completely relieved by the end of the treatment. This was my second Kahuna with Erin and BreAnna and I\’m sure it will not be my last. Thank you both for all you do to help me recover from my incredibly busy work schedule and recreational softball activities! Mahalo!!” Duane M., Chandler

  2. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “I hurt my lower back and BreAnna was able to help reduce my pain. BreAnna always does an amazing job! I would recommend her to anyone! BreAnna’s massages are simply amazing! Hawaiian experience spa is the best! Everyone should experience the Lomi Lomi massage. The shower’s are awesome! I never want to get out.” Tommy Courtney, Gilbert

  3. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “This does not happen to me often, but waking up in the same position I went to sleep in last night can only be attributed to the outstanding 2-hour lomi session I received from BreAnna! It felt amazing to get a full 6+ hours of sleep before starting a new work day. Great job BreAnna and I’ll look forward to another session in the coming weeks!! Mahalo!!” Duane M., Chandler

  4. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Brianna gave me a 90 minute Nui Therapeutic Massage, that fully fulfilled my expectations of what I was seeking at the spa that day! I had been under intense personal stress and my entire back felt like I had boards attached to it! I was ridden with entire back and neck muscles spasms, but I saw instant release of the spasms when I stood up after the massage.thanks to BreAnna. She gave me tips on ice and heat vs moist heat and I am on my way to recovery. I love this spa and the entire staff is so professional yet friendly! A great find on the internet for me. I love it! Judy D., Mesa

  5. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Breanna is wonderful. She definitely knows what she’s doing and made the experience wonderful. Hawaiian experience is by far the best massage I’ve ever had. My girlfriend just moved here and I told her she MUST go with me and get a lomi lomi massage. She walked out saying she will never get a normal massage again. They truly are the best.” Nate E., Chandler

  6. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Absolutely the best massage I have ever had! Thank you BreAnna! Would highly recommend the Lomi to anyone. Facility was very clean and shower awesome!” Daniel W., Apple Valley

  7. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Great massage; BreAnna did an excellent job I would recommend her to anyone! It was perfect. Everything was excellent. I will be back

  8. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “I tried Lomi Lomi for the first time and it was awesome! It was the best massage I have ever had – BreAnna was amazing. She knows how to connect to know what needs attention and apply the right pressure. Thanks!” Chip S., Chandler

  9. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “I had been having migraines during the few days before my appointment and the tension in my neck was gone after the massage and I didn’t have a migraine for the next few nights!” Patricia D., Chandler

  10. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “I came in with shoulder pain. I haven’t slept much for 3 days. BreAnna focused a lot on my shoulder and the pain was mostly gone and I was able to sleep!” Thomas C., Gilbert

  11. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “”Mahalo” BreAnna for a very relaxing lomi session when I absolutely needed it most after working so hard and long over the last two weeks. I’m feeling very refreshed this morning and looking forward to a restful weekend ahead before the mayhem starts up again next week. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!!” Duane M., Chandler

  12. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Love lomi lomi massage because of hip fracture tenderness. Great job!” Catherine M., Mesa

  13. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Has to be the best massage I have ever received, BreAnna was very knowledgeable on helping with the pain in my leg had and others I didn’t know I had. I felt so great when I left! My leg feels much better today. The office was great, clean and was a great escape from the day! Hope to see you again soon!” Kurt K., Phoenix

  14. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “BreAnna continues to deliver the best lomi-lomi treatments and the 120-minute session was just about the right amount of time necessary to work out my variety of stress points and muscle tension. I’ll be looking forward to scheduling another appointment soon! Many thanks BreAnna!!” Duane M., Chandler

  15. BreAnna gives a great relaxing massage!

    “I had a hard time staying awake I was so relaxed but I didn\’t want to fall asleep and miss it!” Andrea K., Tempe AZ

  16. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “BreAnna is an excellent therapist that always makes a maximum effort in addressing my muscular problems. Highly recommend her.” Erlendur K., Chandler

  17. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “A wonderful 3 hour experience. Amanda and BreAnna worked wonders. Very relaxing and healing. BreAnna and Amanda both did an outstanding job while working alone and they worked very well together during the hour they both worked on me.” Mark B., Kingman

  18. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “BreAnna always knows the perfect amount of pressure, and the perfect spots to help me release those tense muscles! Such a treat for my hubby and I to walk in and begin our tropical escape! THANKS BreAnna!!! :) The PERFECT tropical escape to release stress! Everyone we have encountered during our visits have been friendly from the moment we walk in, to the minute we leave. THANK YOU!” Michelle D., Chandler

  19. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “BreAnna continues to deliver the best treatments each and every time I come in and focuses very well on my specific areas that require more attention in an effort to relieve as much tension as possible and restore my flexibility and mobility back to normal levels. I’ll be back very soon following a couple busy work weeks mixed in with a few sports activities.The 2-hour lomi was definitely the right amount of time I needed to fix some of my more severe tension areas. Mahalo BreAnna!!” Duane M., Chandler

  20. Great comment for BreAnna:

    “Bre was amazing! I have been seeing the same therapist for many years, who I adore, but came to the spa today so that me and my niece could have treatments at the same time. Bre was so awesome that I may just be permanently converted!” Alex B., Chandler

  21. Yet another great survey for BreAnna:
    “The massage was excellent! BreAnna’s flowing strokes leave me feeling completely relaxed when the massage is finished. I didn’t want it to be over…perhaps I should go for a longer one next time? :) We love the Friday deals and especially the anniversary deals!” Mike K., Canada

  22. Another great comment from a recent survey:
    “I hadn’t been to have a massage in a very long time so I was a little nervous, but BreAnna made the experience very comfortable and relaxing. I would definitely want to come again and ask for her.” Jennifer J., Mesa

  23. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:
    “My problem or pain is completely gone. She did great work on needed areas and very relaxing on other areas.” Mark B., Mesa

  24. Here’s a great comment from one of BreAnna’s recent surveys:
    “BreAnna and Erin made a great team for an amazing Kahuna Lomi-Lomi experience! The 3-hour session was the perfect amount of time to repair all of my tension built up from a challenging work week last week. I feel very well rested today and will focus the entire week on maintaining my current state of relaxation…wish me luck!! Thank you both for a really amazing session!! BreAnna has worked with me several times and knows me very well. She does an exemplary job to rejuvenate my overall wellness with every session.” Duane M., Chandler, Az

  25. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:
    BreAnna was so professional, welcoming and talented. She knew exactly what my problem areas were and applied the perfect amount of pressure. I am thoroughly satisfied with the level of customer service I was greeted with at Hawaiian Experience Massage and HIGHLY recommend this experience to anyone wanting to “get away”. What a wonderful place :)

  26. Another positive comment from a client:
    BreAnna was awesome. Great massage plus stretching. The room and spa environment was warm and welcoming. I loved the showers. I felt like I was on vacation at a spa in Hawaii. A great escape. I did not want to leave. I will definitely be back and highly recommend to others.

  27. Here’s a great comment from one of BreAnna’s recent surveys:

    BreAnna is a fantastic therapist. Knowledgeable and talented, her massage addressed some serious pain and movement issues with an intense yet sensitive technique, and made me feel that she was sincerely interested in helping me to resolve these issues. I would happily become a member if I lived in the area. I will definitely recommend the spa to my friends and family here. Jennifer L., Milan, Italy

  28. Aloha: Today we switched from posting client comments about Breanna on our website to posting them here on her blog page. Below are some of the comments from her clients before today:

    “I had the 2-hr Lomi Lomi with BreAnna. It was excellent from start to finish, possibly the best that I have ever had. I would definitely recommend her!” James G., Chandler, AZ July 2014

    “Great massage. Best one I have had yet. Worked all the problem areas.” Craig M., Gilbert, AZ June 2014

    “BreAnna’s 2-hour lomi-lomi was totally amazing and just what I needed to celebrate Father\’s Day and get my work week off to a most relaxing start! Her technique and skills continue to exceed my expectations and I’m so thankful that she takes the time to work on areas that are most stressful allowing me to completely focus on total relaxation. Her ability to customize the treatment by integrating some good stretches during the session consistently puts her on the top of my list of “must see” therapists! Will definitely be following up with another appointment in the weeks to come. Mahalo!!” Duane M., Chandler, AZ

    “BreAnna is still one of the very best therapists in the business and has never let me leave a session feeling anything but completely relaxed from all of my work-related tension! She is genuinely committed to providing the highest level of services possible which I gladly look forward to on a regular basis. Keep up the great work BreAnna!! Mahalo!” May 2014

    “BreAnna was great. Very friendly and great at applying the right amount of pressure. She was very fluid with her massage.” April 2014

    “BreAnna did an amazing job at working out a lot of my back tension which had built up over the last 3 weeks! I will definitely be making my next appointment soon for another 90-minute session and will focus on getting back to a more regular and frequent therapy schedule. With the weather warming up and the outdoor activities increasing week to week, I’m very thankful for the great service that BreAnna provides! Mahalo!!” Duane M., Chandler, AZ April 2014

    “BreAnna did a great job of working our soreness from recent activity and working out pain from past injury. Great session.” Mark B., Kingman, AZ April 2014

    “One of the best Lomi Lomi massages I’ve ever had, especially on my birthday!” Brian Z., Chandler, AZ March 2014

    “Many thanks to BreAnna for another successful and therapeutic massage session. The combination of lomi-lomi with some very good stretching techniques allowed me to rejuvenate and revitalize my overall wellness following a 70+ hour work week. No other spa has ever been able to achieve the kind of results I have received from H.E.S. and as long as I continue my work hard, play hard lifestyle, I’m sure I will be keeping BreAnna quite busy on a regular basis! Mahalo nui loa!” Duane M., Chandler, AZ March 2014

    “This was out first experience here and let me tell you that we plan on coming back time and time again!!! BreAnna and Mary…we ABSOLUTELY loved the both of you! You both we\’re so attentive to our needs and what we liked and the amount of pressure. You both we’re so professional which I understand in your profession you need to be but once we all started talking and we were all having good conversations and laughs while relaxing just made it even better! Me and Andrew are more easy going and love socializing, so even though it was all small talk it made a big difference knowing that you both felt comfortable with us as well! Nothing felt awkward. Even the phone call that we got saying we left our candle there was awesome. You gave us the option to go get it or donate it, me and Andrew are all about donations and gifts so that was really special to us! I hope it goes to someone who really wanted that pineapple candle lol. Thank you all so much and I really can’t wait to see you all again! Just need to get paid again haha!” Stevie G., Chandler, AZ March 2014

    “BreAnna was great. This just proves that Hawaiian Experience hires the best of the best, as I have had a better therapeutic experience than anywhere else that I have gone previously.” Doug M., Gilbert, AZ 3/2/14

    “This was my first ever massage and I could not had a better first experience. It’s just what I needed! Thx soo much!” Ryan E., San Tan Valley, AZ 2/24/14

    “BreAnna gave me a great massage and I really liked the stretching she did as well. She has a great personality and I would definitely see her again.” Mark K., Laveen, AZ 1/30/14

    ” My wife and I had the couples vacation package and it was fantastic. The pressure and techniques were perfect and it was a wonderful experience. We will be coming back again, and hopefully take some of the other classes offered as well. I am so glad we found your spa, it was the best we have visited since moving to Arizona. Thank you for all of your efforts.” Dan W., Mesa, AZ 1/13/14

    “BreAnna was amazing! Did an excellent job of relieving the tension in my upper back and neck. One of the best massages I have had.” Meggin P., Gilbert, AZ 11/17/13

    “BreAnna worked on all the spots that needed attention and made me feel better than I have in a long time, she is terrific.” 11/11/13

    “Another perfect Lomi-Lomi massage from BreAnna! She did an amazing job at alleviating all of my muscle stiffness from literally head to toe! Not only was I completely relaxed through the evening hours following the treatment, but I am still feeling great at work today. I’ll be sure to keep up with some mild stretching throughout the day in preparation of a nice gym workout this evening. Keep up the great work BreAnna and I will look forward to another visit soon. Mahalo!!” Duane M., Chandler, AZ 11/4/13

    “Second lomi lomi with BreAnna in a week and both were excellent. Appropriate pressure at all times; very relaxing! I would definitely recommend her!” James G., Chandler, AZ 10/25/13

    “Loved the massage from BreAnna, I still feel great several hours later. I will be back!!” Dee P. 10/20/13

    “I had a 50-minute lomi lomi with BreAnna. Compared to others I have had of this length, this one was complete relaxation from start to finish. I think the difference was due to the fact that there was literally no breaks in the transition to different strokes, and she seemed to know the right amount of pressure given the area being massaged. I will definitely book with BreAnna again.” James G., Chandler, AZ 10/19/13

    “This was my first time having BreAnna as a therapist. She took the time to listen to what my trouble spots were and hit those spots with the pressure that I needed. She was very professional and would definitely go back to her.” Tracy K., Chandler, AZ 9/29/13

    “I have some special needs due to multiple medical conditions, so massage can sometimes be painful for me, but BreAnna did an awesome job of tailoring the massage experience to fit just what I needed, so I was able to relax and enjoy a small respite from my chronic pain. She had me so relaxed, in fact, I nearly fell asleep!” Christina D., Mesa, AZ 9/11/13

    “BreAnna worked on specific problems in addition to the normal flow of the Lomi and the result was wonderful. Everything was relaxed and pain free when I left and still is.” Mark B., Chandler, AZ 9/10/13

    “BreAnna was very good and I was very relaxed, I felt at ease and will enjoy returning for another spa day.” 8/23/13

    “I had a really rough day at work on the day of my appointment, and thanks to my wonderful treatment, I was totally relaxed a few hours later!” Catherine D., Phoenix, AZ 8/17/13

    “This was my first massage and have been urged by others to get one but heard mixed reviews on places they went to. I live close by to your Chandler location so I thought why not. It couldn’t have been a better 1st massage experience! BreAnna was incredible, went through options and styles, was fantastic and very knowledgeable and professional. Will definitely come back soon!! Chris J., Chandler, AZ 7/24/13

    “I feel she did a quality job and went out of her way to make sure my expectations were met.” Lorene N., Chandler, AZ 7/22/13

    “This was my 4th time seeing BreAnna for a lomi lomi massage, and she is the best. She is extremely professional and consistent in her work. She takes the time to listen to what I need, focuses on those areas, and seems to find and work out other spots I didn’t even know I needed! I highly recommend her work.” Lauren O., Chandler, AZ 6/30/13

    “My wife and I had the Couple’s Lomi massages. BreAnna was amazing. She applied just the right amount of pressure and worked the entire body. Would come back to see her anytime!” Lon W., Chandler, AZ 5/21/13

    “BreAnna was amazing, she took the time and made sure my experience was as relaxing as I had hoped.” Misty H., Phoenix, AZ 5/17/13

    “My second massage with BreAnna, and it was even better than the first, and the first one was one of the best massages I ever had. I had been having trouble sleeping for several weeks, and now after two Lomi Lomi massages with BreAnna I am sleeping well again. Thanks.” Steven C., Carefree, AZ 4/26/13

    “It was a great experience. BreAnna was wonderful in explaining what she was going to do and worked out all my knots and issues. Great service all around.” Jason D., Mesa, AZ 4/22/13

    “BreAnna made this birthday such an amazing treat. I’m insecure about my body being overweight but she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I was able to let go and truly enjoy the Hawaiian Experience. She made sure the pressure she applied was right for me, made sure I didn’t have any areas she needed to be easy on, and overall was very sensitive and in tune with my body. I am in customer service and when she noticed me helping her move my limbs, she made a personable comment (obviously showing she read my paperwork where it asked for job title) that really touched my heart. She said, “I know you are always probably helping people being in customer service, but right now it’s my turn to serve you. I will move you” she said, “just relax”. So I did! Unforgettable experience for this birthday girl!” Danielle K., Chandler, AZ 4/19/13

    “My massage was amazing! My back was so tight from stress, but now I have no soreness at all!” Jamie K., Chandler, AZ 4/4/13

    “My wife was nice enough to get me a LomiLomi Massage with one of your new therapists – BreAnna. Sometimes working with someone new doesn’t necessarily offer you a good experience, however I was extremely surprised and happy with my massage with BreAnna. She was very kind, caring and attentive to my injuries, while also being personable to offer a little bit of humor when needed. Thanks BreAnna! I’ll be back to see you again.” Brian Z., Chandler, AZ 4/3/13

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