Heather D.: Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Heather D. Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Heather D.
Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha: My name is Heather and I am a Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist at Hawaiian Experience Spa. Kahuna means I am a master, medical level, massage therapist. I work in our Chandler Day Spa.

My full profile can be found on our main website here: Heather D.’s Spa Profile Page

If you had a service with me please post a comment below and tell the rest of the world why they should come to Hawaiian Experience Spa and get a massage or spa treatment with me. I really appreciate it! If you are really motivated, please place a five star review about the spa and mention my name on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Spa Finder, or Google Places! You can find all the review site on the Hawaiian Experience Spa Review Page! Reviews on those pages really help me out. :)

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  1. Sara Maurer says:

    “My session with Heather was absolutely perfect! I felt I was in the hands of an expert. The massage flowed smoothly and flawlessly. It was a rhythmic flow of relaxation and therapy that was moved stress out of my body and soothed overworked muscles. Wonderful!” Dorice E, Chandler 7/5/15

  2. Here is a great comment from a recent survey:

    “My Lomi Lomi massage was absolutely wonderful. Heather always knows which areas need attention. She is simply amazing! I always look forward to my appointments at Hawaiian Experience and can’t wait for my next one.” Tom E., Chandler

  3. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “This was by far the best massage I have had at Hawaiian Experience, and one of the best ever. It’s hard to find a female massage therapist who can do deep tissue work well. I mentioned in the consultation that I could handle deep pressure, and I got what I asked for. Heather had a knack for finding the sources of my pain all on her own, which was fabulous! She found some incredibly sore spots I didn’t know I even had. It was a good combination of relaxation and deep tissue work, which was really nice. I was wishing I’d booked a second hour because I know I could’ve used it! Thank you Heather for listening to what I needed. I was in a lot of pain and I feel so much more relaxed.” Heather B., Maricopa

  4. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Heather gave me the best massage today…Her pressure was perfect and I could tell how hard she worked to fix my sore muscles after a day of mountain biking. She was able to apply deep pressure – in fact much more than should have been possible for a human! hee hee My muscles feel great! I always enjoy my time in your spa. Everyone is super nice and the therapist are super – I\’ll be seeing Heather again, she did a great job and is very good at her job (I think I even told her that). Thank you!” Michael K., Laveen

  5. Here is a short but sweet comment from a recent survey:

    “The Kahuna massage was unbelievably good! I felt like satisfied an relaxed Jell-O afterwards. It was amazing!” Chip S., Chandler

  6. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “This was my first Lomi Lomi massage and it was fantastic! I really like how you really make it a spa experience instead of just going to get a massage. I like every part of it. My back has been killing me and this massage really took the edge off. So grateful!Great massage!” Nicholas L., Tempe

  7. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Heather is one of the most therapeutic, knowledgeable, effective therapist I have had bodywork done by in my 30 years of bodywork. As A retired RN I can feel an almost spiritual, healing touch coming from her hands! She is 100% into the client on the table, that I am positive. Heather is a special therapist!” Judy D., Mesa

  8. More feedback from a recent survey:

    “Great massage and really focused on getting rid of my knots and Lomi Lomi massage was great as well; thank you” Zitian J., Chandler

  9. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Another awesome lomi lomi massage…..thank you!” Tom E., Chandler

  10. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Heather was amazing! She her technique was slow, gentle and nurturing…She channels a healing energy. I was doubtful I would find someone who gave me as an amazing experience as Nikki and I have! Thank you!” Megan C., Phoenix

  11. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “In our couples experience we were paired with Heather and Zach. Both of them did a wonderful job of explaining the process with us, getting us acclimated to the spa and performing the massage. I explained to Heather that, while I normally get deep tissue treatments, I was really looking for a highly relaxing experience. We also discussed where my particular trouble areas are and Heather told me she’d be able to hit those as well as making it a highly relaxing massage. She certainly delivered! The experience was incredible. My wife and I really enjoyed our entire time on the massage table. Both Heather and Zach took their clues from us as to when to talk and when not to talk. The conversation was pleasant and the times we were not conversing were spent with complete focus on the treatment! I always maintain that there is room for improvement in anything we do but I find it difficult to see how this experience could have been improved upon. We really enjoyed our time in the spa and didn’t want to leave! Mahalo for a truly wonderful experience! We cannot wait to come in again for our next treatment.” Steve B., Mesa

  12. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “My massage tonight was absolutely perfect!! I can’t wait to come back for my next appointment. Thanks Heather. I love Hawaiian Experience Spa! You guys are awesome!” Tom E., Chandler

  13. Here is a comment from a recent survey:

    “Heather relieved my neck and shoulder pain. She’s excellent.” Laurie N., Chandler

  14. More great feedback from a recent survey about Heather!

    “My sea salt & coconut oil scrub and lomi lomi massage were perfect! Heather did a fantastic job of bringing me to a wonderful state of total relaxation. Thanks for making this another great experience at Hawaiian Experience!” Tom E., Chandler

  15. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Heather was extremely professional and efficient with my much needed therapeutic massage. I have been experiencing pain in my left hip for several days and I knew Heather would use a deep tissue massage to unravel all those tight muscles! She is amazing and I would highly recommend her for pain relief! I called ahead and requested my room be warmed up due to a rainy cold day. Heather made the room perfect. Thanks again Heather :)” Jeannette M., Chandler

  16. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Heather was excellent! The experience was relaxing and Heather worked on all of my trouble areas. Everything was wonderful!”

  17. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Our therapist was Heather and she provided us with a great experience. She was professional and made sure that our comfort was of utmost importance. We definitely may ask for her services again, and will certainly recommend her to others should that opportunity arise. Heather was great. She (I think) approached us as new clients with professional tact and did not try and talk a lot (other than standard instruction and explanation of services, etc.). Rather, she performed the services and let us talk first before she engaged in conversation. The steam service is outstanding and was very therapeutic. This will be an upgrade we make in every future visit.” William W., Mesa

  18. Another great comment from a recent survey:

    “Heather’s Lomi Lomi massage was heavenly! Of the various massages I’ve had over the years, her style of Lomi Lomi is the best ever! I can’t wait for my next massage with her. All who helped were very nice and quick to respond.” Cathi L., Maricopa

  19. Here is another great comment from a recent survey:

    “My lomi lomi with Heather this afternoon was awesome. I am so glad that my schedule lined up with hers. She really knew just where to focus and I left feeling so much better. I enjoyed her flowing style and technique. Definitely one of the best massages I have had and I always get a great massage at Hawaiian Experience.” Tom E., Chandler

  20. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “I was lucky enough to have Heather do my Therapeutic Wakikki. I always feel like a new person afterwards for days and days. I can function daily so much better with regular good massages. Heather is so great! Calm, quiet, and healing with the most amazing touch. It is strong, in command, but gently flowing. She is just an artist at relaxing a person. Hawaiian Spa is a special find for me and my friends. It is the treat of a lifetime. Everyone, from the time I open the door, puts forth a smiling, friendly, and knowledgeable effort, for my self care hour! Thank you.” Judy D., Mesa

  21. Another great comment from a recent survey about Heather!! Keep up the good work!!

    “I can honestly say I experienced one of the best massages ever at Hawaiian Experience Spa with Heather. She did exactly as I had request in our interview before the treatment. Heather did some great deep tissue work on my back that really made a difference. Heather was fantastic. I really appreciate how strong she is and yet she gets into a great rhythm. The whole therapy had a nice flow to it plus Heather included some much needed deep tissue therapy. It has been a great experience having different therapists work on me over the past few years. You seem to have a good core group of therapists. The fact that I can custom order each therapy session is another big reason why I like coming back.” Brian B., Phoenix

  22. More great feedback from a recent survey:

    “Heather was wonderful. Heather did a great job focusing on the areas I was having problems with and I feel much better. I thought everything was great. I’ve had nothing but great experiences at the Hawaiian Experience Spa in chandler. My therapists have been very professional. Fabulous day spa.” Teri D., Chandler

  23. Heather is not only a great therapist but a consistently great therapist. Here’s a survey comment from one of her regular clients:

    “Heather continues to be the most skilled and graceful therapist that I have ever seen. She is truly talented.” Doug M., Gilbert

  24. Here is a comment left from a recent survey:

    “The couples massage was a wonderful experience. My therapist applied just the right amount of pressure. The shower and sorbet treat after were delightful.” Jana E., Phoenix

  25. Another great comment for Heather:
    “I had not seen Heather in a while, but she reaffirmed for me that she is the best therapist that I have ever seen. Heather is perfect and spa is welcoming.” Doug M., Gilbert

  26. Yet another great survey for Heather! Keep up the great work!
    “Best massage that I ever received!! Thank you very much!! Would definitely recommend!! Great job Heather!!!” Scott E., Chandler

  27. More great feedback from one of Heather’s recent surveys:
    “Heather has provided me treatment a couple times before. She was great as always. She worked on the muscles on my quads quite a bit, as well as my neck and shoulders. Great experience. It’s quite a treat being able to receive massage therapy at Hawaiian Experience and their very qualified staff. Heather is one of the best, thank you!” Derek C., Chandler, Az

  28. Here is a comment from a client left in a recent survey:

    “Heather is amazing!!! My husband and I have both gone to her and have walked out feeling great! Heather is truly has a gift! I would recommend her to anyone with upper back issues and sciatic nerve issues.” Jeannette M., Chandler

  29. Here’s another great comment that a VERY satisfied client put in her survey:

    “Heather was EXCELLENT! She explained each step of the process (scrub, wrap, massage) before we began. She was extremely knowledgeable. I loved every minute of it! The massage was wonderful – I asked her to focus on my neck and shoulders and it was the best neck massage I’ve ever had!” Bonnie B., Tempe

  30. Here’s a great comment from one of Heather’s recent surveys:

    “Heather was amazing! I went in with specific areas of concern and felt instantly better upon leaving the spa.” Andrea M., Chandler

  31. Aloha: Today we switched from posting client comments about Heather on our website to posting them here on her blog page. Below are some of the comments from her clients before today:

    “This was my first time with Heather and I was very pleased with her and the massage I received. A Lomi Lomi massage is the best if you want to feel completely relaxed! It is definitely a treat. Thank you Heather!” Julie N., Tucson, AZ July 2014

    “I loved heather! It was my third time here and I am 20 weeks pregnant. My body was hurting so bad I finally decided to go get a massage (I have the membership) and she was hands down my favorite and I had the best experience there so far! Her pressure was perfect and amazing and you can feel the good vibes and energy from her. Just found my new girl.” Rachel F., Chandler, AZ July 2014

    “Heather did a great job. I came in with lower back issues, she seemed to home in on my trouble spots, and break up the area. She was great on pressure and didn’t cause any more pain than was necessary to do her job” Troy Y., Queen Creek July 2014

    “Nothing to improve. Heather is really great. She always finds spots that need work, even if I don\’t know that they do! She is great with firm pressure.” Alica B., Gilbert, AZ June 2014

    “Heather you are a wonderful therapist. Steve you have a great staff member and a great example of exceptional care and customer service!” Mike W., Mesa, AZ April 2014

    “Heather was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. After my wrap and massage I told all of my friends how great she was!” April 2014

    “This massage was wonderful. Heather worked on some muscles that were extremely tight and released them while still making the massage very relaxing.” Christine S., Tempe, AZ March 2014

    “I had an amazing experience today at Hawaiian Experience Spa. My therapist, Heather, was incredible! She was professional yet personable & really listened to what I wanted. I will definitely be back! Thanks!” Angi W., Gilbert, AZ March 2014

    “Heather was very kind and attentive. I had never had a Lomi Lomi massage before but will definitely have another one. It was the best massage that I have ever had.” Donna C., Chandler, AZ March 2014

    “Heather was great, and the massage was amazing! I let her know that I had pain in my neck and shoulders and after the massage my neck felt so much better. The whole massage was very relaxing, and I can’t wait to get another one!” Robin E., San Tan Valley, AZ 2/24/14

    “I loved my massage from start to finish. I have had massages from almost every therapist and Heather is now one of my top favorites after this very relaxing lomi. I was looking for pure relaxation but she was able to work some knots out of my shoulders with just the right amount of pressure.” Christine S., Tempe, AZ 2/15/14

    “3rd time with Heather… she is excellent. No doubt about it.” Nora G., Surprise, AZ 2/3/14

    “Heather is a perfect massage therapist. She is flawless and I am fortunate to get to schedule with her without huge amount of advanced notice.” Doug M., Gilbert, AZ 1/25/14

    “What can I say about Heather other than fabulous, calming, respectful, and a therapist whose arm movements flow with healing energy. I always love my Waikiki massage with Heather.” Judy D., Mesa, AZ 11/16/13

    “Heather, as my therapist, left no room for improvement. She communicated very well all along the way, her execution of the technique was just what I wanted, her friendly and compassionate attitude made me feel important. The energy in the room was peaceful contentment.” Steve C., Tempe, AZ 11/11/13

    “I had pulled some muscle in my low back from dead-lifting and then sitting on a plane and in a small car for several hours. Heather did a fantastic job of getting the muscles to relax and to help the pain subside.” Travis M., Gilbert, AZ 11/10/13

    “Heather was awesome! She definitely changed my opinion of massages after many bad experiences. She was very professional and throughout the massage I felt as if she truly loved her job. She made my miserable week so much better. Thank you Heather! You rock!! I am coming back and hope to book you!!!” Charmaine M., Tempe, AZ 11/2/13

    “Heather is perfect and has proven through three treatmnets now to be the best therapist I have ever seen. She is also rare in that she makes a noticable difference in improving my pain and discomfort as I recover from a total hip replacement.” Doug M., Chandler, AZ 11/1/13

    “Heather does a fantastic job! I left there walking on air!” 10/31/13

    It was, by far, the best deep tissue massage I have had. Heather was amazing!” Patricia D., Chandler, AZ 10/27/13

    “This was my second visit, both of which have been with Heather. She is a huge part of why I enrolled in the membership after my first visit, and today’s massage was great as well.” Doug M., Gilbert, AZ 10/13/13

    “As always, Heather’s Lomi Lomi was a perfect way to relax and treat myself. Her massage is always incredible and the biggest reason I come back to Hawaiian Experience Spa on a regular basis.” Stormy R., Chandler, AZ 10/12/13

    “Heather is a tremendous asset to Hawaiian Experience. Her technique was nearly flawless and she had a very pleasant, engaging personality. I was impressed with the attention to detail by the business, and if other therapists are even close to the level of Heather, they have struck gold. Despite dissatisfaction with past membership based massage programs, I will give serious consideration to a membership after my first experience here.” Doug M., Gilbert, AZ 10/4/13

    “Back spasms and pain–not easy to get resolved with only one visit. But Heather did a wonderful job and my back was doing better after one session.” Denise M., Mesa, AZ 9/20/13

    “My massage today by Heather was amazing! Just the right amount of pressure. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed!” Summerr R., Chandler, AZ 9/20/13

    “Heather always provides the therapy I need to continue on with life. She listens and applies her technique accordingly. Thank you Heather! I was able to recover from my trapezius strain much faster with Heather’s help than without. It’s a much more natural alternative to muscle relaxers. Now if I could only get Heather to exercise for me too, I’d be Golden!” 9/4/13

    “Had a wonderful massage with Heather again. Her kind attention to the soreness and tightness in my shoulders and back were much appreciated! It was a wonderful hour of rest and relaxation, thank you!” Derek C., Chandler, AZ 8/26/13

    “Heather was my therapist and she was awesome. With very little information from me about what areas needed work, she went right to them! Throughout the Waikiki massage I kept thinking that it was the best massage I’ve had. We even signed up for a membership. I will ask for Heather each time I go.” Alicia, Chandler, AZ 8/14/13

    “Heather is so accommodating and just darn sweet. She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. I will continue to see her. She knows her way around a scrub and a massage. Love her!” Sheryl T., Chandler, AZ 8/9/13

    “Heather was very professional and the massage was very relaxing and just what I came in for.” 8/5/13

    “Heather’s the best, I couldn’t ask for anything more.” Lu J., Laveen, AZ 7/22/13

    “Heather treated me with the utmost respect and gave a tremendous massage, concentrating on areas of concern to me. There is no doubt that I will return and request Heather as my therapist in the future.” Dan H., Tucson, AZ 7/12/13

    “Heather performed a great lomi lomi massage. She was attentive to my needs and areas that needed extra attention like my shoulders and hips. I felt completely relaxed during the session (and even dozed for a minute for which I apologize!) I would not hesitate to schedule another appointment or recommend Heather in the future.” Derek C., Chandler, AZ 7/12/13

    “Heather was awesome! Great pressure and consistent. She hit all the areas I asked for.” 7/7/13

    “As always, Heather helped me leave feeling MUCH better and more relaxed than when I came. I felt good enough that I scheduled my next Lomi Lomi one week away instead of two weeks or a month like I usually do.” Stormy R., Chandler, AZ 7/5/13

    “First I had the Coconut Sea Salt Scrub and then the Lomi Lomi massage. Heather did a great job and she let me relax in the peace and quiet I was there for. I will definately be going back to Heather again!” Sherry T., Chandler, AZ 6/23/13

    “This was one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had! I can see why my family recommended coming here. Thank you for de-stressing me Heather!” Karen B., Chandler, AZ 6/23/13

    “I really liked Heather. She was very sweet and professional.” Carrie G., Phoenix, AZ 6/15/13

    “It was a breath taking experience. I loved everything from the moment I walked in the door. Heather made me feel very comfortable and I didn’t want my session to end! This is not just another massage place, its a true experience.” Stacia L., Gilbert, AZ 6/15/13

    “Heather’s massage technique is like a “dance”. She is perfectly fluid in her massage movements and is purposeful in every move she makes. That may be the best massage I have ever had.” Amee H., Mesa, AZ 6/11/13

    “The special touches, like something hot laid on my shoulder blades, warm oil, and the warm towel under my neck made this 90 minute massage much better than the 90 minute massages I get at Massage Envy!! Heather did a fabulous job and is obviously very experienced in massage therapy. I truly felt I had been touched by an angel of healing!” Mary D., Tempe, AZ 6/7/13

    “Heather did a fantastic job of allowing enough time during our 50-minute session to focus on my key trigger points from my neck and lower back resulting from my working hard and playing hard. I’m feeling much better today and will be planning another appointment soon! Mahalo Heather!!” Duane M., Chandler, AZ 5/10/13

    “Heather was awesome. Her massage was very strong and intense (in which I ask for) but I did not leave in pain. She gave me so much relief that I think was not possible. I will be visiting her again. Thank you Heather I will be back!!!!” Amber B., San Tan Valley, AZ 5/18/13

    “Heather gave me the best massage I have EVER had! Her hands are magic!! I will definitely be back again and again!” Amanda M., Chandler, AZ 5/18/13

    “As always, Heather was really there and read exactly what my body needed, making the Lomi Lomi really flow and remind me why she helped me fall in love with this type of massage.” Stormy R., Chandler, AZ 5/8/13

    “Heather did a great job of listening to where I suggested as “problem areas” even though this was my first massage. Walked away feeling amazingly refreshed and after speaking with my friend who accompanied me, felt my massage was really tailored to me!” Joy R., Chandler, AZ 5/5/13

    “Very relaxing and enjoyable, I needed it. Heather knows the muscles and really found the kinks and took care of them.” Ralph S., Phoenix, AZ 5/2/13

    “We came in for a couples massage, my therapist Heather was great. I love the oils rather than lotions, I think I’m spoiled for life now. It was my first time with the lomi lomi, and I really enjoyed it. I really appreciate how accommodating Heather was after the treatment too, she offered me a shower cap and hair tie since I didnt want to wash my hair. Thank you for my wonderful experience.” Samantha R., Gilbert, AZ 4/22/13

    “Heather was awesome! I went in for the Lomi Lomi. I had never had the Lomi Lomi before. It was great. A very relaxing experience but didn’t make me tired like other messages. I was energetic the rest of the day. The day before I pulled a muscle in my back. She was able to customize my session to focus on my needs. Highly recommend Hawaiian Experience and Heather!” Rod T., Chandler, AZ 4/14/13

    “Heather was amazing. I have never had such a quiet and calm person work on me. The flow was perfect. She made me feel very comfortable explaining the technique. I told her of my injuries but I could tell she was intuitive and felt them.” Catherine M., Mesa, AZ 4/14/13

    “Heather was very professional and kept the atmosphere very relaxing!” Krystal W., Phoenix, AZ 4/7/13

    “Heather was fantastic and got the areas that were hurting. I left appointment very relaxed.” Mary P., Chandler, AZ 4/6/13

    “Massage as usual was wonderful. Heather always finds the spots where I didn’t even know I was sore to work out the kinks. And where I was sore, she works so I’m not as sore as I’ve been with massages at other spas DAYS later. I highly recommend her to all that I speak to about the spa!!” Kelly Y., Waddell, AZ 3/18/13

    “My wife and I came in last week for the Waikiki massage with Jodi and Heather. They were both extremely good at their job and very professional. This was our anniversary present to ourselves. We looked forward to it all week and were not disappointed. Thanks for helping us have a great experience.” David H., Chandler, AZ. 3/11/13

    “Heather worked specific areas where I noted I was having problems without neglecting other areas. Good balance for the overall massage.” Mark B., Mesa, AZ. 3/11/13

    “Heather is very professional. I appreciated that she directed me to the nice shower after the treatment. I have not used it before when I was at the Spa. She encouraged me saying that it was really nice. I am so happy that I took her advice, and showered. Gotta love that shower! S So relaxing with all those different shower heads and jets! Definitely will use it again.” Judy D., Mesa, AZ 3/1/13

    “Heather did an excellent job with the advanced therapeutic massage. I came in with a ton of soreness and she really helped my back, neck, and shoulders feel better!” Karen W., Chandler, AZ 2/24/13

    “I can’t wait for another Lomi Lomi!!! Awesome! Great job as always Heather!” Amy M., Gilbert, AZ 2/21/13

    “Heather introduced me to and has made me fall in live with the Lomi Lomi. My next appointment with her is for the hour and a half Lomi Lomi so I can extend the relaxation and pleasure. If you can close your eyes and imagine calmness flowing all around your body like soothing, warm water while tension breathes away you have a small idea of how good a Heather Lomi Lomi is.” Stormy R., Chandler, AZ 2/15/13

    “Heather did an amazing job! The first time I\’ve actually ever been so relaxed that I\’ve fallen asleep. She was able to get every kink out of my neck and I\’ve never felt better! Thank you for a first GREAT experience.” Julie B., Chandler AZ 2/6/13

    “For my first Lomi Lomi massage the experience was awesome” Amy L., Chandler 2/2/13

    “Heather and Kara were AWESOME!! We’ve had a couples massage before, but this was the best experience we’ve ever had. Their instructions were spot on, they made us feel totally comfortable. Kudos to them for making it so enjoyable for us. We’ll definitely be back!!” Kelly W., Waddell 1/21/13

    “For my husband’s birthday I assisted Heather with giving him a lomi lomi lomi massage. She was a great teacher and my husband really enjoyed it!” Zuri B., Phoenix, Arizona 1/19/13

    “Really good massage. I had my normal problems plus a lot or soreness from loading and unloading a moving truck. I left pain free. ” Mark B., Chandler

    “I loved everything. Heather was so wonderful and really helped me. I loved the music that she had playing.” Rebecca M., Chandler

    “Heather was absolutely wonderful! I came away feeling healed in mind, body, soul.” Tom S., Chandler

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