Native Full Body Massage on Sale Today Only for Aloha Friday

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TODAY’S SPECIAL: Up to $90 Off Native Full Body Massage!
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The Native Full Body Massage is done traditional style while you are face up. You will be under a sheet and blanket and we will uncover and massage one area of your body at a time. When you are face down, however, the massage will be done Hawaiian style. In a Hawaiian style massage your entire body is massaged at the same time, instead of one section at a time as is done in a traditional massage. This enables the therapist to use long strokes that go from head to toe.

The Native Massage is an excellent choice for any circumstance from relaxation to deep tissue. The difference between this and a traditional full body massage, such as our Nui Premium Massage, is that this is done Hawaiian style face down. Many people, who do not want the full Hawaiian massage such as our Lomi Lomi Massage enjoy this combination of techniques and draping.

You will only find this massage in Scottsdale, AZ and in Chandler, AZ at Hawaiian Experience Spa.