Couples Coconut Sea Salt Lomi Lomi – Buy one get one free

This traditional Hawaiian ritual is done side by side. It begins with a warm organic coconut sea salt full body scrub. The scrub is followed by a romantic Lomi Lomi massage using warm virgin coconut oil. This leaves your skin, muscles, and spirit totally renewed! Price includes scrub, massage, candle, leis, shower, and dessert.

Visit our Specials Page today only for more details and a link to buy one and get one free.

September 17th will mark the 2nd anniversary of the opening of our Chandler Day Spa. To celebrate we will have 10 days of sales leading up to the big day. On the 17th we will have one last BIG SALE.

Everyday from Saturday 9/8 until 9/16 we will have a different service on sale: Buy it at regular price, and we will give you a gift certificate for the same service, absolutely free that you can use in 2014 (the service you buy can be used anytime from the day after purchase to a full year after purchase). You can use the services in either spa and any future spa we may open.

Check back daily as each sale will only be on for one day!