Filming has begun on our new lomi lomi training DVD

Aloha: Today we began filming the long awaited sequel to our best selling Basic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage DVD. This new production will contain so many advanced techniques and combinations that we will be publishing it in two parts. We are not sure exactly how we will separate them, however, together these Advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Instruction DVDs will contain 50 incredible techniques, runs, and combinations.

With the help of our very own Eternity or “Tia”, Master lomi practitioner and LMT Steve Ibach will demonstrate exactly how to perform each technique.

Steve will also be joined this time by Nikki Ibach (formerly Nikki McDaniel) LMT, who will assist in demonstrating certain runs and will perform an uninterrupted full body lomi lomi so you can watch the flow of this beautiful style. In our first DVD Nikki was the client receiving the lomi lomi massage. Since then she has performed well over 1,000 lomi lomi massages herself and is a very well known lomi lomi practitioner in Arizona.

We hope to have a trailer clip within three weeks and the final version in 3 months. Keep an eye on our blog or website for updates! Mahalo nui loa.