Kahuna Lomi Lomi Is Back For Aloha Friday

In ancient Hawaii, one Kahuna after another would work on the recipient in a Hawaiian Temple. Now, you can experience this exotic lomi lomi which will be performed by two massage therapists!

If you live or visit Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert or any other area Arizona city, you can experience this version of lomi lomi massage that is not practiced anywhere else in the world.

The Kahuna Lomi Lomi starts out with you face down on the massage table while one therapist performs a traditional lomi lomi massage. Then after a period of time a second therapist will quietly enter the room and you will receive a double lomi lomi for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the version you purchase, by both therapists at the same time. After the double lomi portion, your first therapist will quietly leave and the therapist who entered earlier will complete the lomi lomi for up to another hour!

This is not a regular menu item but it is available today only. Buy it now and use it later! Visit our specials page for links to buy online.

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