Improve flexibility and range of motion with Somantics

Eric is one the most experienced and senior massage therapist at Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale, AZ. He has a broad range of knowledge and uses that knowledge to help his clients in a variety of ways. Below is a recent tip from Eric.

I have found that the most valuable exercises for improving flexibility and range of motion throughout my body are not exercises at all, but specific body movements done slowly and consciously. These movements were researched and developed by Thomas Hanna (a student of Moshe Feldenkrais), and published in his book Somatics. In my opinion, Mr. Hanna’s most profound insight and contribution to feeling better (especially as we age), is reconnecting lost muscle memory to our brain by gentle movements that anyone can do without straining.


This tip was provided by Eric, a licensed massage therapist at Hawaiian Experience Spa. When you visit our day spas in Scottsdale or Chandler you get more than just a massage. Our therapists are among the best anywhere and often have training and experience in other aspects of health and holistic living. This knowledge provides a great benefit to our clients. Read about the therapists of Hawaiian Experience Spa.