Top ten hydrating foods

Eating a healthy diet is not enough for maintaining overall good health. Water is just as important as food. In fact, water is probably even more important than food. Did you know that we could survive without food for more than 1 month, but we couldn’t live without water for more than 3 (or maybe 4) days? That’s why everyone should make sure that they drink enough water. Especially for those of us surviving in this summer’s desert heat. We need to drink at least 2 L of water a day, but drinking 3 or 4 L is even better. Eating lots of hydrating fruits is another great way to hydrate your body and get energized!

Top 10 Hydrating foods:

  1. Cucumbers 96% water
  2. Watermelon 96% water
  3. Pinapple 95% water
  4. Lettuce 95% water
  5. Tomatoes 94% water
  6. Blue berries 95% water
  7. Celery 95% water
  8. Cantelope 92% water
  9. Grapefruit 90% water
  10. Pear 89% water

Eating raw fruits and vegetables should be a part of everyones daily diet. During the hot summer months here in AZ a good health challenge would be incorporating at least one of these foods into your daily diet.

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