Why do Japanese have such beautiful skin?

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese have beautiful skin? Well it is because they perceive sake as their “fountain of youth”. They drink it to achieve beautiful skin and some will even bathe in to prevent the effects of aging. Sake is made from rice and the high nutrient content of rice includes the B complex of vitamins and minerals. Externally, it can be used as an exfoliant or in a spritzer to hydrate the skin.

Rice based skin care products increase ceramide production, which is critical in slowing down the aging process. Ceramides are natural fats that help form skin structure; they are the ‘glue’ that holds the cells together and locks in moisture. This all leads to more firm radiant skin.
You can achieve the benefits at home by boiling Japanese rice making sure it is covered with at least one inch of water. You will be using the left over water so make sure the rice doesn’t absorb it all. Strain the water and after it has cooled, use it as a face wash, a toner, and even wash your hair with it to add shine.

However, if you don’t have the time to make your own or don’t enjoy drinking sake, come in and get our Eminence Strawberry Dermafoliant wash that is amazing! It is probably my top 3 favorite product out there. It is a rice based exfoliant gentle enough to use daily and for ALL skin types. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and it is my lazy way of getting the incredible benefits of rice.

This tip was provided by Yvette, a licensed esthetician at Hawaiian Experience Spa. When you visit our day spas in Scottsdale or Chandler you get more than just a facial. Our therapists and estheticians are among the best anywhere and often have training and experience in other aspects of health and holistic living. This knowledge provides a great benefit to our clients.