Create a ritual for relaxation

Everyone has rituals in their life that bring them comfort. Some people take a shower every morning, take the same route to work everyday, or eat chicken soup when they feel unwell. These rituals can have a power that goes beyond the simple act of performing them: perhaps we feel refreshed and ready after the shower; predictable and in control from not having to concentrate on a route; and magically healthier from the soup. These little daily rituals add stability to our lives by giving us a predictable action to take with a predictable outcome. While many of these things are just daily routines that have been started without conscious effort, it is possibly to create a daily ritual for yourself that will cause your body and mind to naturally and automatically relax.

Choose an action that you can easily do every day and that you enjoy doing. I drink a cup of tea. Some people use yoga or meditation. Others water their plants or trim bonsai trees. The action itself doesn’t even matter – you could even use one of the actions from earlier, such as taking a shower. As you do your chosen ritual each day, concentrate on breathing slowly in, slowly out. Allow all the stresses of your world to fall away. Nothing else matters right now but that thing that you are doing. Let yourself move slowly and deliberately. There is no need to rush, this is your time. Once your action is complete, you can then return to your normal daily life. It will only take a short while for the ritual to become routine for you. You will have created an association between your ritual action and the relaxation and clarity that you have developed. Whenever you feel tense and need a break, turn to your ritual to help you relax back in to a state of calm.

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