Use tea tree oil for acne, breakouts, and more

This healthy tip is provided by Cheryl, an esthetician in our Chandler day spa.

When you have a stubborn breakout anywhere on your body (including the face) use a dab of pure Tea Tree Oil on the spot. Just dip a Q-tip (do not double dip) into it and apply right on the breakout. It helps to kill the bacteria and also start drying it up. I usually do it morning and night but everyone is different. You might just need to do it once a day depending on how your skin reacts. For you super oily faces out there, Tea Tree Oil can be used as a moisturizer BUT you must dilute it before applying all over your face. Just wet a cotton round thoroughly and dab the tea tree oil on the cotton and apply all over as you would a toner. No need for moisturizer but still apply SPF. Just because you are oily you still need moisturizer!! So many oily people cringe at the thought of moisturizer on their face. So use the tea tree oil during the day (along with SPF) and a moisturizer at night. It’s all about balance. You are usually oily because you are lacking the moisture.

This tip was provided by Cheryl, a licensed esthetician at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Chandler, AZ. When you visit either or our day spas (Scottsdale or Chandler) you get more than just a facial or massage. Our estheticians and LMTs are among the best anywhere and often have training and experience in other aspects of health and holistic living. This knowledge provides a great benefit to our clients. Read about the staff of Hawaiian Experience Spa.