Hawaiian Experience Spa is giving away $500 in gift certificates!

What would you do with $500 in Spa Gift Certificates! Would you treat yourself to a day at the spa package, or would you spread out your services over several months? Maybe you would give a little to a friend so the two of you can enjoy some spa time together. So many tough decisions!

Whatever your plans we may be able make it possible with our August Giveaway of $500 in Spa Gift Certificates. One lucky person will win five $100 gift certificates to use at either of our spas anytime in the next six months.

If you live in Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert or really any other Arizona city, or if you know someone who does, you should give it a try. Enter as many times at you can.




38 replies on “Hawaiian Experience Spa is giving away $500 in gift certificates!”

  1. Audra Krell says:

    I’ve been going to Hawaiian Experience since they opened their doors. I love everything about the spa.
    The owners are knowledgeable, kind and caring. They truly want to know about every aspect of my experience and want to improve. This happened on every visit and I’ve been there over 25 times. Each time they ask me what they could do better and what I would change if I could.
    I usually don’t feel they could do anything better, as the experience is honestly perfect. One time though, when I did ask for facial wash to be provided in the showers, on my next visit and every one since, it’s been included with the shampoo and body wash. It makes me feel good to give my business to a business that truly cares about their clients.
    From day one, the prices have been more than fair. I always feel like I get a great deal for my money at this spa. The therapists never short my time and it always feels like they give me a few extra minutes. At the same time, I appreciate that the spa runs on time and never keeps me waiting past my appointment time.
    Another thing I love, is that I get to pick my own music in the treatment room. It makes my experience complete when I have the right aromatherapy paired with my kind of relaxing music.
    The customization choices at Hawaiian Experience make me feel very unique and again, very cared for. I know that I can count on an amazing experience every single time. And I know, that if something were to go wrong, it would be made right in a hurry.
    I used to only go to this spa for relaxation. Then I started having some health issues and began to get therapeutic deep tissue massage. My issues were always worked out in about two sessions, saving me hundreds of dollars in medical care. Plus the spa sure is a lot more fun than a doctors office or chiropractic visit!
    All in all, Hawaiian Experience has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone without reservation. You should make a reservation though, their scheduling opportunities are always perfect!

  2. Audra Krell says:

    I posted a review on Google places. Happy to do so!

  3. Thelma says:

    I am not really sure how long I have been coming to the spa, I am sure it has been 3 years or more. I first joined the membership and then after awhile I cancelled it because of the drive from Mesa. I was not happy with any other massage place so I came back to Hawaiian Experience Spa. Thestaff is very nice and friendly and treat you like a great friend. The therapist are all great as well as the facials. I have brought my husband here and he is a member now. He is VERY picky on who gives him a massage, if he doesn’t feel like he received a good massage he jsut doesn’t return. We have always gotten massages each time we would go out of town. We would stay at a hotel that only had a spa. Now that we have joined Hawaiian we try and get our massage the day before or the day we leave on our trip, my husband prefers to spend the money KNOWING he will get a good massage:) We are self employeed and a nice relaxing massage is a great way to escape from our business and relax. We have bought gift certificates for our
    daughters and they love the massages that they have received and only wish that someday they will have a monthly massage savings account. I brought them both to the spa the day before Mother’s Day and we all had wonderful massages and a great sorbert that was so delicious. It was nice that we were able to be together each of us getting a great massage at the same time.It was very nice to relax after the massages and visit with no cell phones, or other interruptions. We felt very confortable sitting around in the lounge eating our dessert and chatting! Thank you Hawaiian Spa for providing us with a great place to unwind, a home away from home. My husband and I sat our children down one evening afer we had been coming to the spa( at least once a month). We told them that we needed to come clean and let them know that we have an addiction problem… to Massages :) I have fibromyalgia and it helps me so much to come in once or twice a month to get a massage. The therapist seems to know exactly how to make me feel better. A few years ago my husband had a problem with his back and was not able to walk and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Once he was able to walk again and was not having back spasms he received traction. He is very active with golf, archery,camping,fishing, playing with our 5 grankids and work. Going to get a massage at least once a month has helped his back and kept it healthy so he can be as active as he enjoys. We really love Hawaiian Experience Spa and anyone that tries the spa will too! Mahola

  4. Luree says:

    This is hands down the best spa I have ever been to. From the moment I walked in the door until the moment I walked out, I was treated with the utmost care and respect. I signed in, and was given a tour of the spa. Then, they showed me my locker and I changed into the sandals and fantastically comfortable robe. I was led into the waiting room, which was stocked full of magazines, snacks, and water to wait until my friend was done with her facial. It was so relaxing in the waiting room that I couldn’t believe I had been waiting an hour already when the aesthetician called me in for my facial. Mariposa was very friendly and put me at ease right away. She explained everything she used on my face and what it would do for my skin. I felt even better about the fact that everything was organic. I swear Mariposa is a miracle worker. After just one facial, my skin looks better than it ever has before. She even gave me a sample of one of the products she used, and my skin is continually looking better every week. I keep telling everyone I know how fantastic Hawaiian Experience Spa is. I can’t wait to come back, and I’m bringing my husband in with me!

  5. Kelli says:

    I love going into this spa. I love the high grade products. It creates a relaxing environment for me to enjoy.

  6. Amy V. says:

    I absolutely LOVE getting massages. To me, there is nothing worse than getting a not-so- great or even worse, a bad massage. Rest assured, when you go to Hawaiian Spa Experience, you will not be disappointed. I have different massages (although Lomi Lomi is my favorite), different therapists, and all have been fantastic. The atmosphere is quaint and cozy. One treatment and you’ll be hooked.

  7. Debbie Ryan says:

    This place is absolutely amazing and it is the ONLY spa I go to in the Valley for massage therapy! Every staff member makes me feel special and the ambiance always makes me feel like I am on vacation in Hawaii! I have had many of their services, and every service has been terrific; however, the Lomi Lomi is still my absolute favorite! I recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa to all my friends because I am confident that they will provide the best spa experience to everyone!

  8. Dan L. says:

    I’ve been a member of Hawaiian Experience for almost a year and I have to admit I’m hooked. I’ve had massages in different locations in the States and Europe but nothing compares to a Hawaiian Experience. I’ve had several Lomi Lomi’s which are absolutely fantastic but the Waikiki is really my favorite. I leave feeling totally relaxed and my aching back always feels better.

    The staff is always warm, welcoming and kind, and make me feel right a home. I used to call for appointments but booking treatments online is very easy.

    I also enjoy reading the health tips posted by the staff.

  9. Jamaica says:

    Have not visited yet but am very excited to do so. All treatments sound completely relaxing and the couples option seem romantic! :)

  10. I have been a client at Hawaiian Day Spa for over a year, I love the Lomi Lomi massages and have had marvelous experiences with all the therapists although I do have a favorite or 2 but I’m not telling! I also have enjoyed an anti-aging facial and waxing service which was great and I really appreciate the Eminence products they use.
    The spa is comfortable and clean, staff are friendly and I enjoy going to a local day spa rather than a hotel type environment with the tourists and too much attitude.

  11. Rebekah M. says:

    I first went to the Scottsdale location in 2008 as a birthday gift from my boss at the time, and I had LOVED it! I was so happy that they finally have a location in Chandler. I decided to treat myself for my birhday this year and get a massage there. I had determind that I wanted to become a member before I went back in there. The massage I got was PERFECT. I had surgery in Jan. and so I was kind of worried on how my insicions would be but they didn’t bother me at all and in fact I felt so much better afterwards! Amy did such an amazing job, she had the right amount of touch, not to hard, I think I even fell asleep! A week later I had a tough week at work and so I decided to treat myself again with a massage and I got the Lomi Lomi with Heather and there was just soo much goodness in that massage, I know I will be def. getting that massage again. After the massage I took a shower to get the oil off and even the shower was amazing! I loved their body wash, shampoo & conditioner! I seriously wanted to stay in there for a long time, but I knew I couldn’t. The next time I go in, I will def be buying the body wash! I have been telling pretty much everyone I know, friends, co workers about Hawaiian Experience Spa and how they should go and give them my info just so they can get a massage, cause the place is THAT wonderful!

  12. Audra Krell says:

    I also sent out a tweet to my followers, which you can see at the link below.


    And I shared your contest on Facebook.

  13. Audra Krell says:

    Please find my glowing review at TripAdvisor. It is signed Audra K.

  14. Laurie N says:

    I visited the Chandler spa about six weeks ago with two friends for my first Lomi Lomi massage, and signed up as a member immediately afterward! The staff is wonderful, and Kara was my massage therapist — a real gem of a professional and person. I never felt judged or hurried. The ambiance is great, the hours super-convenient and the location on the lake transports you! (Even the shower, believe it or not, is fantastic!) I have many aches and pains, and now every time I go I leave feeling wonderful. The prices are more than reasonable — I have had massages in more than 10 states, including Santa Fe and Saratoga in upstate New York, and in Europe. This is the best!

  15. Nikk S says:

    I want to say a special word about Mariposa, at the Chandler location. She recently gave me a fabulous facial. I am a woman in my mid-50s, and I have found that some day spa workers elsewhere can be a bit snooty especially for us “old ladies.” NOT Mariposa. She is such a warm, knowledgeable woman, who made many recommendations for my skin and aging signs. Yet she never pushed the spa’s line of products, which has happened to me at other places. From now on, now that I live in Arizona, I won’t go anyplace else. I recommend to others who are vacationing or visiting the Phoenix area to make a trip to Chandler and make the Hawaiian Experience Spa part of the fun. You’ll feel rejuvenated. And PS: The spa has some imaginative specials and ideas for parties — check them out!

  16. Laurie N says:

    I visited the Chandler spa about six weeks ago with two friends for my first Lomi Lomi massage, and signed up as a member immediately afterward! The staff is wonderful, and Kara was my massage therapist — a real gem of a professional and person. I never felt judged or hurried. The ambiance is great, the hours super-convenient and the location on the lake transports you! (Even the shower, believe it or not, is fantastic!) I have many aches and pains, and now every time I go I leave feeling wonderful. The prices are more than reasonable — I have had massages in more than 10 states, including Santa Fe and Saratoga in upstate New York, and in Europe. This is the best!

  17. Tom S says:

    I have visited many spas and have had special treatments around the country. Hawaiian Experience Spa in Chandler is phenomenal! I want to give special applause to Heather, who gave me wonderful, relaxing, spiritual Lomi Lomi massages on two different occasions. I have had many, many massages, and Heather is right up there among the best. I HIGHLY recommend this spa to anyone in the area. The Chandler environment is beautiful, on a lake with palm trees, and it’s no stretch to imagine you have made a hop over to Hawaii!

  18. Kellie says:

    I went in for my first time and had a Lomi Lomi massage. I absolutely loved everything about the experience! The atmosphere was really calm and instantly put me at ease. My therapist was really knowledgable and I appreciated how he took the time to find out what my needs were and how he can best help. I LOVED the coconut oil… the benefits of coconut are amazing and also it just really enhanced the experience. The massage itself was amazing. I had not experienced anything like that before. I was not uncomfortable at all. I have Fibromyalgia and usually experience pain with classic massage, but did not feel any pain from the Lomi Lomi. The Hawaiian atmosphere was great and really took me back to when my husband and I went there on our honeymoon. :) I imagined myself laying on the beach which was easy to do as the therapist had ocean waves playing in the background.
    I also really appreciate the fact that a lot of the therapists are holistic and health conscious. I am a certified health coach so this is important to me.
    I will definitely come back when I can and will refer all of my clients to this Spa!

  19. Tom E says:

    I have been going to Hawaiian Experience Spa for about 8 months now. Initially, I tried their introductory special Native Massage for $49 and found it to be just what I was looking for in a massage. I then signed up for the Native Hawaiian membership at the bargain rate of $49/month. After trying the lomi lomi massage I was hooked and just upgraded to the Royal membership so that I get the best price for the lomi lomi and can try the other premium services at the best rate. The staff is always so friendly and the facilities are top notch. My locker key is always on the counter waiting for me when I walk in but, the best part by far is the hour of awesome relaxation I enjoy each month in Kara’s professional care.

  20. Laurie S says:

    I have been a member of the spa for several years and it has been a fantastic experience. Kathy and Mike, the owners are very sweet and their customer service is impeccable. I have tried many different therapists and have never had a bad massage there. If you are ever in need of a true medical massage, Erik is the man to see. He knows everything there is to know about the muscles, ligaments and bones in the human body. He helped to cure my TMJ.

    The spa is very clean and they always have a locker and robe awaiting you. I would highly reccomend a visit to The Hawaiian Experience Spa to everyone.

  21. Michael G says:

    I had my first Hawaiian Experience just last weekend! It was amazing to say the least. I have had back pain for a couple years now which has just gotten worse, since my wife and I had our first child. I arrived at the Spa and was treated very well. I got the Waikiki Therapeutic 90 minute massage with Samantha at the Chandler location. After the massage I was very relaxed and it felt like I had a new pain free back. I was looking forward to see how good of a sleep I was going to have and if my back was going to be hurting again the next morning. Needless to say I had my best/pain free sleep that night than I have had in the last 2+ years and I will definitely be going again and requesting Samantha for another massage!

  22. Tracy says:

    Can’t wait to try out this place! looks like they have an awesome environment and even better prices! I would love to share this with my wife!

  23. I haven’t been to Hawaiian Experience Day Spa yet, or any Spa! I’ve been looking for a great place for a “Couple’s Massage” for me and my husband for our two year wedding anniversary and unfortunately I wasn’t able to find your website/blog in time so I gave my husband a “rain check” and he found your website!

    I like that the website is easy to navigate and the services are very descriptive. I can almost imagine getting a massage there now!

    After reading about the different services offered, my husband is interested in the “Couples Waimea Relaxation Massage” because it is romantic and affordable.
    I would really love to do the “Couples Massage Lesson” as well. My husband is such a hard worker and I would love to be able to learn how to take care of his body.

    It would be incredible to win the $500 gift certificate and to experience my first massage ever!

  24. Kristi A. says:

    I followed @HawaiianSpa and tweeted! My link: https://twitter.com/kla2200/status/231862207401558017

  25. I have not yet had the privelege of visiting the Hawaiin Experience, however am so excited to see that this spa is available! I am very connected to Hawaii and have been talking with my boyfriend about visiting for months. Because we have 2 girls and I am focusing on a career change, finances are a little tight in the moment. I am so excited reading about the couples packages and feel tingly all over. It is so refreshing knowing that we have the opportunity of experiencing a Hawaiin moment together without the extra finances of airplanes, babysitters, rental cars and so on. I cannot wait to book an appointment!

  26. Kiana says:

    It has been hard for me to find a quality massage therapist. After thorough review, I decided to try Hawaiian Experience Spa. The staff was very welcoming and kind. My massage therapist Amy was very detailed in our initial consultation. Throughout the massage she verified if the pressure was okay for me. All in all, I will be back again for a massage. Massage Heights and Massage Envy are not comparable to the Hawaiian Experience Spa. I will be back again. Highly recommended.

  27. Joe Enos says:

    I joined Hawaiian Experience a couple of years ago, and it’s honestly been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I usually come in for a lomi lomi, which is an incredibly relaxing experience – my first lomi was the first time I’ve ever truly been able to zone out and let my cares just drift away.

    Coming in once a month gives me the opportunity to recharge. As the month progresses, stress starts to build up again, but it all just goes away when I’m on the table, and that relaxation lasts long after my massage.

    I have tried some of the other treatments as well, like the chocolate/chocolate/chocolate, the hot stone, and a few others. Everything was always great – but nothing relaxes quite like the lomi.

    Both locations are excellent – very relaxing atmosphere, comfortable lounges, nice locker rooms, and awesome multi-jet showers. Chandler’s even got a great view while you’re waiting for your session.

    I’ve received treatments from several of the therapists in both Scottsdale and Chandler, and have never received anything less than superb. Although I have my favorites, I trust Steve and his family to hire only the best, and I’d feel comfortable with any one of them.

  28. Suzanne says:

    I have so many wonderful things to say about this spa, I don’t know where to begin! First off, I was looking for a spa that was NOT the cookie-cutter-mold type spa that is seen so often in Scottsdale (uptight, overrated, inside some huge hotel, with nothing special to offer). I had won some spa finder gift cards at work and was searching around online as to where to use them…then I stumbled upon Hawaiian Experience, and I knew I’d found the spot. I love to support smaller businesses, the kind of places that are family owned, where you’ll probably even get to meet the owners when you come in – and this place fits that bill! Another big draw for me was their unique menu of services – so many different styles of massage, different scents and textures to customize the experience were offered that I had a tough time deciding on what treatment to get!

    I went in with my boyfriend (it was his first time ever at a spa), and the staff there truly did treat us like family – it was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We did a couple’s massage, and our therapists were nice enough to accommodate our request to each have a different scent/scrub (he had the chocolate scrub/massage, I had the lavender). I could seriously go on all day about how breathtaking the lavender smelled…better than any I’ve had before; not all lavenders are created equal and now I can’t go back! :) The lavender honey scrub made my skin literally glow, and my bf’s skin smelled (and tasted ;)) delicious from the cocoa scrub. On a technical level, my therapist gave a great massage and worked some knots out of my neck that I thought would be there forever! 😛

    I can’t wait to go back again so I can try a different treatment. :)

  29. Monica Young says:

    I have not had the luxury of experiencing your spa but I sure would love to! It sounds amazing!

  30. Monica Young says:

    I followed and tweeted about the giveaway here is my link


  31. Stacy R says:

    I’ve been in once before with my husband for a couples massage and have another appointment scheduled for this afternoon. Just thinking about the massage and the refreshing rain forest shower room I’ll get to enjoy after my treatment is making it hard to concentrate at work. Can’t wait to get there and escape to paradise!

  32. Amanda says:

    First of all, the place is amazing. Beautiful office (didn’t feel like an “office”) and felt very relaxing. I liked that there were so many yummy scents to choose from for the massage, it was nice being able to personalize it that way. I also got a facial – it was the best facial I have EVER received. The esthetician was very nice and knew what she was doing. She kindly explained what she was doing at each step (as I requested) and was very thorough. My face was definitely glowing afterwards.
    I would love to go back and try other services and bring my friends with me!

  33. Imani says:

    I’ve been twice now … The first time, my husband & I did a couples massage for 90 minutes. It was FABULOUS! The staff is friendly & laid back. The massage therapist made sure that she applied a comfortable level of pressure. The hot stone massage was a welcome treat for tire muscles. We were quite pleased with our experience.

  34. Ralph Wexler says:

    Great facilities, great therapists, great energy, treat your body treat yourself

  35. Violet Valdivia says:

    My husband took me for our Anniversary and I loved it.

  36. Abby Robertson says:

    I am an admitted spa-a-holic and I had my first Lomi Lomi service with you last fall while visiting the Phoenix area. To put things in perspective, I travel to the area every year just to visit and tour spas. It’s my Graceland! The massage I experienced at Hawaiian Experience Spa was the most invigorating total body experience that I have ever had. My friend and I had to go take a nap after because we were like noodles we were so relaxed. I have my next trip planned to the area in September and this is #1 on my list of services. Warning -> Spoiler Alert – Once you feel the utter satisfaction that one feels during and after this body work, EVERY massage after WILL completely pale in comparison. Not kidding kids.. this is truly amazing.

  37. Nikki Simon says:

    Not only is the staff amazing but the Lomi Lomi massage is the best! I had a facial as well and the esthetician was terrific and very knowledgeable.

  38. Dani Fox says:

    The Lomi Lomi is still the most amazing massage I have ever gotten :)

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