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$49 organic facials in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ

Experience an organic facial in Scottsdale or Chandler for only $49

Yes, that is correct, you can get an organic Eminence facial in our Scottsdale day spa or Chandler day spa for only $49 if you are a new client or a member. This may be the cheapest facial in Scottsdale or Phoenix!

This 50 minute facial is a full facial and includes everything you would expect in a comprehensive advanced facial. In this facial we use all high end organic Eminence facial products including a Stone Crop Wash, A Strawberry dermafoliant, A Stone Crop Mask, and A Stone Crop Moisturizer. Your aesthetician can also perform some light extractions if needed. See more on our website:

Facial in Scottsdale, AZ

Facial in Chandler, AZ


Waxing services in Scottsdale, AZ and Chandler, AZ

Summer is the waxing season and Hawaiian Experience Spa in Chandler, Arizona and Scottsdale, Arizona provides waxing for everything from brow to Brazilian. We have experience, licensed estheticians, performing all waxing services so you can be assured of getting the best service possible.

The next time you want to get rid of that unwanted hair, visit either of our Phoenix area days spas and leave smooth and hair free.

Read more about our Waxing Services.

BUY ANY TWO WAXING SERVICES GET A THIRD FREE!: Purchase two of the same waxing service such as bikini, legs, eyebrows, Brazilian, and more and get a third of that waxing service absolutely free. Save 33% and keep the hair off all summer by taking advantage of this special sale. Sale ends July 31, 2012


Hawaiian Experience Spa Celebrates 5th Anniversary


Hawaiian Experience Spa Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Hawaiian Experience Spa, with locations in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona is celebrating its fifth anniversary since it opened its first spa on July 17, 2007.

7/17/2012 – (Scottsdale, Arizona) Hawaiian Experience Spa is celebrating its 5th anniversary since it first opened on July 17, 2007. The spa originally opened for business under the name “Healing Touch Spa, A Hawaiian Experience” in a 1,200 square foot facility at 116th and Shea, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The name was officially shortened to the current name, “Hawaiian Experience Spa” in 2009. In September of 2011 the day spa opened a second location in Chandler, Arizona that is nearly double the size of the original location. Then in December of 2011 the spa relocated its Scottsdale day spa to a new, larger, location a few blocks away from the original spa.

Hawaiian Experience Spa attributes its success, in tough economic times, in part to its hands on management. The primary owner, Steve Ibach, is a licensed massage therapist and Hawaiian lomi lomi instructor. He, along with his wife Cathy Ibach and son Mike Ibach (both of whom are co-owners) work full time at the spas ensuring each and every client has an exceptional experience during every visit. Additionally, the spa can adapt quickly to economic changes and clients’ needs in a way many competitors cannot.

Hawaiian Experience Spa is unique in several ways, offering client’s an experience unlike that of any other day spa in the area;

  • Medical Level Massage Therapists: First, and perhaps most important, the spa only hires experienced medical level massage therapists. This differs from many local clinics who routinely hire newly graduated therapists.
  • The spa has over 80 unique services. Many of the massages revolve around traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi which is very rare outside of Hawaii. The couples’ massages offered are one of a kind and couples come from as far away as Tucson, Arizona just to experience a Lomi for Lovers Massage and other couples experiences. Eminence organic facials, and organic body treatments round out the menu to provide clients with a full spa experience.
  • Value pricing is also an important part of the business, especially during these economic times. The spa offers an optional membership for only $49 per month making its prices comparable to the large chain clinics while still offering superior services.
  • Organic Products: Hawaiian Experience Spa uses the highest quality organic lotions, oils, scrubs, and other products for the health of our clients and our staff.


Hawaiian Experience Spa (, headquartered at 11300 E. Via Linda, Ste E, Scottsdale, AZ 85259 (phone: 480-661-2991) is a unique day spa for women, men, and couples. It is the largest genuine Hawaiian themed day spa in the continental United States and provides thousands of traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massages annually along with other treatments inspired from Hawaiian culture. The spa also provides a full range of traditional massages, facials, couples massages, waxing, infrared sauna therapy, spa treatments, and more.

Behind their fun and relaxing Hawaiian theme clients will also find some of the best trained massage therapists and estheticians in Arizona – providing advanced medical level massage therapy and highly effective all natural skin care.


Hawaiian Experience Spa

Steve Ibach, Owner, LMT





How to properly apply eye cream

When applying your daily eye cream always start from the outside corner and move inward with your ring finger. When you apply it the opposite way you are pulling any fine lines outward which we are definitely trying to avoid. Also…make sure you are using your ring finger (next to your pinky) because the other fingers apply too much pressure to the delicate eye area.

Including an eye treatment to your facial is one of the most beneficial treatments you could add. The delicate eye area is never exfoliated from all the concealers and make-up women wear and just the dead skin cells in general that build up. The Naseberry Eye Treatment takes care of it. It even helps with the stubborn milia that is very common in the eye area AND also helps to absorb the eye cream further down into the skin making it more beneficial. Love love love the eye treatment!!

This tip is provided by Cheryl, an esthetician at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Chandler, AZ . Click here to read more about Cheryl.


Is There Stagnation In Your Body?

If you are wondering if you have stagnation in your body, take a look underneath your tongue. If the two veins on either side of your tongue are dark and distended it may be time to get your blood moving again with a jog, yoga, massage or other activity that wakes up the body and gets you moving.



How to avoid low back pain while sleeping

People with low back pain can find great relief when placing a pillow under their knees while sleeping on their back. This provides support to the hips and low back for resting ease. If you sleep on your side, place a good size pillow between the knees, lower legs and to the ankles as well. This position will keep the hips level & prevent long hours of pull on the low back muscles. Then ALWAYS, ALWAYS sit up from a side lying position to ease into the seated position from the horizontal one. This will help avoid strain to any of the back muscles when you sit up.



Drink Coconut Water For Hydration

During these extremely hot days, we need to stay hydrated, especially if like me, you have been sweating a lot!! Coconut water is the natural way to replace your electrolytes and Trader Joe’s has coconut water popsicles, with coconut flakes in them!! Super refreshing, only 150 calories, and super yummy coconut delight! Of course, drinking half your body weight in ounces a day of good, clean water is a must! (ie. If you weigh 150 pounds you should drink 75 ounces per day of water).



Become a spa member and get free gift in July

If have been considering become a member of Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale or Chandler, Arizona there won’t be a better time than July 2012. Whether you have been visiting us as a non member or you have just been trying to find a new place to get massages so you can “escape the clinic” we have a solution for you.


  • A gift certificate for a free 50 minute massage or facial
  • A gift bag with a chocolate body scrub and body lotion
  • A gift bag with a Lomi Lomi DVD and a Kamahiwa CD with music from Keali’i Reichel
  • A gift bag with a Hawaiian Candle, 10 exotic bars of soap, and a rubber duck
  • A gift bag with a Gardina set: Room spray, 8 ounce lotion, bar of soap

Join online here or at the spa. When you come in you can pick your gift. Gift items subject to change based on available inventory.

How The $49 Membership Works

Massage therapy is important for your overall health, and monthly massages are recommended. That is why massage memberships were invented. They are similar to gym memberships which help you stay healthy by giving you the opportunity to visit more often for a discount.

  • No long term commitment – Only a three month term
  • You can’t lose money – Even if you cancel any money in your account is never lost
  • You pay $49 per month – That gives you a massage, facial or body scrub that you can use anytime in the future – you don’t need to come in every month
  • You can upgrade to any other service by paying a little more when you check out. You can even apply two or more$49 credits towards longer treatments.
  • You get discounts on everything, including treatments, products, gifts, more.
  • Friends and family can share your membership and get discounts.
  • Visit often and save – You continue to get the same discounts all the time, not just when you use your prepaid $49 credit. Come in as many times as you want.

Click here to see all the details and discounts you get with this membership.