Day Spa Gift Sale 1: 50% Off Spa Package through 12/6/11

From now until Christmas 2011 we will be offering another super sale holiday gift idea approximately every 48 hours. These gift certificates will be the best value of the year for each item and they will only be available for a short time. If anyone on your holiday list lives in the Phoenix area, these will make perfect gifts. Sales will include massage gift cards, couples massage gifts, spa package gift certificates, facial gifts, and more.

SPECIAL #1 – 50% Off a Hawaiian Vacation Spa Package for Two. This package includes Hawaiian leis, candles, sauna treatments, 90 minute Hawaiian Experience massages, an exotic steam body scrub and body mask ritual, more.

Regular Price – $499
Sale Price – $249.50 for a gift certificate. Sale over 12/6/11

Read more about the package and find a link to purchase one online now!