Black Friday 2011 sales begin in Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix with our Lomi Training Video

Black Friday 2011 sales have officially begun at the spa with an early entry, our lomi lomi training and entertainment DVD! Because we sell this item internationally and through different venues we needed to get the sale up early and we will keep it running late. The sale price, which is the lowest price ever offered, is $19.99. It is regularly $39.99. Visit our lomidvd page for information and a link to buy online.

The rest of our Black Friday 2011 sales, which will be extensive, will be posted on 11/23/11 about 6pm!

This instructional and entertaining video was made at our spa by Steve and Nikki and is sold internationally. It makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys lomi lomi or Hawaiian music. The video was made to teach the basics of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage but many people purchase it just to relax as they watch the beautiful and flowing lomi lomi massage being performed.

This DVD is made to be instructional and entertaining. You can watch it as a way to relax or to learn the basics of this exotic form of bodywork. In this DVD you will learn from master lomi lomi practitioner, Steve Ibach, as he demonstrates the beautiful techniques of the lomi lomi massage on a young woman and fellow lomi lomi massage therapist, Nikki McDaniel. You will see the flowing techniques as Nikki receives a full body exotic lomi lomi massage to the music of Keali’i Reichel. Steve also breaks down and explains how to perform each lomi lomi run in a step by step process that will have you performing lomi lomi massages in no time.

Click to watch a video clip and get more information on this lomi lomi DVD.