Lomi Lomi training DVD video almost completed

Lomi Lomi Training Video

Lomi Lomi traing DVD nearly completed

Nikki and Steve have been working hard to complete the lomi lomi training dvd. We expect to complete the final production on Tuesday and submit it to the company that will be making the actual DVDs for us on Wednesday or Thursday. We should have our order of DVD’s within a couple of days after that!

This DVD not only explains how to perform a basic lomi lomi massage, the video is also entertaining. With nearly 60 mintues of lomi lomi video, and the wonderful music of Keali’i Reichel, this DVD is fun and relaxing to just sit back and watch.

Order by Wednesday and get the preorder price of $29.99. The price will be going up to $39.99 after production. Place your order here.

To purchase Keali’i Reichel’s music, or any Hawaiian music, visit mele.com.