Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale is now providing Myofascial Release Therapy

Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale is now providing Myofascial Release as an alternative treatment for pain or stress.

Myofascial Release

Therapist uses gentle opposing pressure to release fascia

Myofascial release is a technique wherein a specially trained therapist “releases” restrictions in your body’s fascia. Fascia is a very strong type of connective tissue that is just under your skin and surrounds your entire body. It also interweaves itself through your body and surrounds every muscle, nerve, blood vessel, and organ in your body. The biological purpose of fascia is basically to hold your body together. It is extremely strong and has a tensile strength of over 2,000 pounds per square inch. When the fascia is restricted, this enormous pressure is exerted on the body’s nerves, muscles, and other components causing chronic pain.

Fascia restrictions are caused by trauma, surgical procedures, inflammatory responses, and more. This causes the fascia that encases your entire body as a whole, as well as its individual components, to bind too tightly around the underlying structures. This phenomenon has been described as a straightjacket that restricts natural movements and overly compresses the body’s structures.

While fascia is extremely strong the techniques used to release and realign it are gentle. Fascia cannot be forced into place therefore deep pressure is not needed. Instead the therapist applies gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial restrictions to “melt” the fascia, allowing it to reset itself. The treatment is done with little or no massage oil or lotion. Myofascial release is a recognized medical level treatment and is performed around the world, often by physicians. It is helpful in reducing or eliminating pain in situations where other therapies have been ineffective.

Myofascial release is effective in the treatment chronic pain as well as in providing a general release for your body. The treatment can be very relaxing. After a session, clients often say they feel that their body feels freer, like a pressure has been taken off them.

For prices and more information on this service please visit the Scottsdale Myofascial Release page on our website.