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Spa members may now add family members and can use our new quick check out system

We are happy to announce that we are enhancing our Scottsdale day spa membership as of 2011 by allowing members to add family members to their plan.

Native Hawaiian and Royal Hawaiian Members can share their membership with family members or a significant other by adding them to their membership. Minor children can be added for no charge and adults can be added for a small fee. Anyone added gets all the benefits of the membership and can use the member’s monthly credits, treatments and discounts.

We have also added a quick check out feature for members only. Members no longer have to wait to check out if they enroll in our quick check out process. To enroll download a quick check out form here, fill it out, and bring it to the spa during your next visit.

For more information on enrolling in our Scottsdale Massage and Day Spa Membership, or to enroll family members into your existing membership please visit our membership page.


Biggest massage gift card sale ever in Scottsdale, Phoenix: Last minute gift available online

Receive your gift certificate via email

In Hawaiian Experience Spa’s first sale of its kind we are offering two fantastic last minute gift ideas suitable for anyone in Scottsdale or the Phoenix area.

$49 Massage or Facial – Purchase this special gift certificate for only $49. It can be redeemed for a 50 minute massage or facial (reg. $79). This is great choice for everyone and is the best price we have ever offered for these services.

$69 Premium Massage or Facial– Purchase this special gift certificate for only $69. It can be redeemed for any 60 minute massage or facial with a regular price of up to $109! This includes nearly all of our 60 minute treatments such as Lomi Lomi, Advanced Therapeutic Massages, Coffee Fruit Facials, and much, much more.


You will receive your gift certificates via email within hours so you are assured of having them in time for Christmas. Choose “In Store Pick Up” as your shipping method. That will avoid shipping charges. You do not actually have to come in, we will email the gift certificates. If the person your are buying for lives in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix or any other valley city this is a great gift. Never before have we had a sale quite like this.

If you are not familiar with our day spa please visit our website. Hawaiian Experience Spa is a premium level day spa for women, men, and couples.


Scottsdale day spa and massage gift cards on sale: Purchase instantly online

Hawaiian Experience Spa is Scottsdale has instant gift certificates on sale for the 2010 holiday season. Gift certificate do not expire for five years and can be used for massage, facials, body treatments, products, or gratuity. The certificate does not have to be used all at once.

  • Purchase $100 gift certificate and get $10 free!
  • Purchase $25o gift certificate and get $50 free!

Click here to purchase an instant gift certificate in any amount. You will be able to instantly print or email the gift certificate you purchase. You can select from various different styles. Your bonus gift certificate will be emailed to you within 24 hours. See our Specials Page for details.

Hawaiian Experience Day Spa is conveniently located minutes for the Rt. 101 on Shea Blvd. in Scottsdale. We are easily accessible from Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Fountain Hills, and other Arizona cities. For more information on the spa please visit our website.


An economical couples massage gift certificate is perfect for wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, or any couple

This massage is done side by side for the most romantic experience

If you are looking for a gift for a special couple, or if you want a gift you can share with that special someone, an economical couples massage is perfect. Our day spa in known throughout the Phoenix, Scottsdale area for having the most unique couples spa treatments in the valley and a gift certificate to receive one of our couples massages makes a super gift.

Our Couples Wiamea Massage is our most economical couples experience. On sale for only $143.20 this gift idea won’t break your budget either.

This relaxing 50 or 80 minute massage pronounced “why-a-may-a” is a close, romantic, and economical experience. You and your partner start under a sheet and blanket in the face up position on massage tables that are directly side by side so you can hold hands if you wish. Your therapists will begin with a relaxing scalp and face massage followed by an incredible neck massage. After completing your neck your therapists will continue with a full body massage for the front of your body.

After completing the front of your body your therapists will have you turn over and continue the massage “Hawaiian Style”. Hawaiian massage is done with only a small towel for covering (instead of a sheet and blanket). That allows the therapist to use long flowing head to toe strokes that are unlike anything you find in a traditional massage. Your therapists may even kneel on the bottom of the table to perform exotic massage strokes that run from both ankles to your upper back on one movement!

This is a light to medium pressure massage focused on providing you a relaxing and romantic experience. It is only available in our Scottsdale day spa.

If you are looking for a gift for a couple in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Chandler, Fountain Hills, or any other valley city consider this fun treatment. It comes in two differently lenths as listed below. Click on the link below to make your gift purchase. Enter Promo code “relax” to get the discounted price. A gift certificate will be emailed to you shortly after your purchase. The gift certificate is valid from 1/1/11 – 12/31/11. If you have any questions call us at 480-661-2991 or email

50 Minutes – Sale Price $143.20 per couple (reg. $179) Purchase Here (Please purchase two, one for each person – prices are half price online to allow this)
80 Minutes – Sale Price $215.20 per couple (reg. $269) Purchase Here (Please purchase two, one for each person – prices are half price online to allow this)

Visit our website to see our full menu of Couples Massages. You can use the above promo code “relax” to get 20% off of any treatment on our couples page when you purchase it as a gift.


Chocolate massages and spa treatments make delicious gifts

Chocolate Spa Treatment

Chocolate spa treatments are fun and therapeutic

If you are looking for a gift for someone in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area, how about a gift card for a delicious chocolate massage, chocolate body scrub, or chocolate spa treatment? Now through Christmas of 2010 you can get a gift certificate for any chocolate treatment in our Scottsdale day spa for 20% off. Cocoa extract is loaded with antioxidants as well as magnesium, an essential mineral in muscle health. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, reducing cramps (including menstrual cramps, leg cramps, etc.) and softening tense muscles.

Our chocolate menu consists of these tasty treatments (click on any treatment for details and a link to buy a gift certificate online). USE PROMO CODE “relax” at check out and any treatment you buy online will be reduced by 20% through 12/25/10. Visit our specials page for details on this sale.

We can also customize a treatment for you using our chocolate scrub, chocolate wrap, or chocolate lotion. How about a two hour chocolate massage? Just let us know. How about just a Chocolate Wrap? Just let us know.

GIFT SALE: Visit our SPECIALS PAGE for all massage and spa gift sales.

Our day spa services clients from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, and the entire valley! It is worth the trip.


Romantic gift idea for Scottsdale / Phoenix residents – Give him or her a sensual massage with our help

The Aloha for Lovers Couples Massage lesson is done in the romantic Lomi Lomi style

One of the most romantic gifts that we offer in our Scottsdale day spa is our Aloha for Lovers Couples Massage Lesson. Unlike other couples massage lessons, this lesson is meant to provide you with a romantic experience as you give him or her a sensual Lomi Lomi Massage. In this couples massage lesson (called the Aloha for Lovers Massage) we emphasize participation. You will massage your partner along with us as you learn the exotic Lomi Lomi massage. This can be a very intimate experience and makes a wonderful gift when you want to treat your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

The Aloha for Lovers Couples Massage Lesson make a particularly good gift because you are giving your caring energy to the other person as you work on his or her body providing an exotic Lomi Lomi massage. The licensed massage therapist that works with you will show you the basic techniques of Lomi Lomi massage and will massage your partner along with you. When you complete the session you can both visit our waterfall shower room together and share a treat in our palm lounge.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THIS TREATMENT. Use promo code”relax” at check out and get 20% off the prices shown for either the 60 minute or 90 minute versions. A gift certificate will be emailed to you shortly after your purchase.

If you would like to read more about this treatment visit our Couples Massage Lesson page. If you live in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, or any other city in the valley it will be worth the trip to experience this one of a kind treatment.


Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale is now providing Myofascial Release Therapy

Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale is now providing Myofascial Release as an alternative treatment for pain or stress.

Myofascial Release

Therapist uses gentle opposing pressure to release fascia

Myofascial release is a technique wherein a specially trained therapist “releases” restrictions in your body’s fascia. Fascia is a very strong type of connective tissue that is just under your skin and surrounds your entire body. It also interweaves itself through your body and surrounds every muscle, nerve, blood vessel, and organ in your body. The biological purpose of fascia is basically to hold your body together. It is extremely strong and has a tensile strength of over 2,000 pounds per square inch. When the fascia is restricted, this enormous pressure is exerted on the body’s nerves, muscles, and other components causing chronic pain.

Fascia restrictions are caused by trauma, surgical procedures, inflammatory responses, and more. This causes the fascia that encases your entire body as a whole, as well as its individual components, to bind too tightly around the underlying structures. This phenomenon has been described as a straightjacket that restricts natural movements and overly compresses the body’s structures.

While fascia is extremely strong the techniques used to release and realign it are gentle. Fascia cannot be forced into place therefore deep pressure is not needed. Instead the therapist applies gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial restrictions to “melt” the fascia, allowing it to reset itself. The treatment is done with little or no massage oil or lotion. Myofascial release is a recognized medical level treatment and is performed around the world, often by physicians. It is helpful in reducing or eliminating pain in situations where other therapies have been ineffective.

Myofascial release is effective in the treatment chronic pain as well as in providing a general release for your body. The treatment can be very relaxing. After a session, clients often say they feel that their body feels freer, like a pressure has been taken off them.

For prices and more information on this service please visit the Scottsdale Myofascial Release page on our website.


Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale is now carrying Paradise Candles of Hawaii

We are happy to announce the we are now carrying a new line of Hawaii scented candles. These are natural soy candles and will be available in fourteen fabulous scents:

Awapuhi – This intoxicating flower can be found growing wild throughout the Hawaiian Islands and are highly revered by the locals. The scent is sweet, spicy and so awesome!

Bird of Paradise – Sweet floral scent combined with fresh fruits and vanilla.

Gardenia of the gods – Only a flower this passionate and pure can be fit for the gods.

Hibiscus & Thai Palm – Green palm leaves wrapped in a floral bouquet of hibiscus and rose.

Kupaloke (Tuberose) – One of Hawaii’s renowned lei flowers. Sweet, exotic and elegant floral scent.

Kona Coffee – Direct from the slopes of Kona’s golden coast. A smooth and rich aroma of pure Kona coffee.

Liliko’i – Widely known as the Hawaiian passion fruit, liliko’i is one of our favorite island treats! Slightly tart with a sweet citrus taste, the flavor is exotic and tropical.

Lucky Bamboo – Exotic sultry fragrance from the Far East. Asian spices, grassy notes, citrus, jasmine, cyclamen and lavender.

Mango Papaya – Fruit fusion bursting with ripe mangos and juicy papaya.

Pau Hana – It’s pau hana time! A tropical blend of sweet coconut and delicious lime.

Pineapple Plantation – If Hawai’i had a state scent, this would be it. Sweet, juicy and ripe golden pineapple.

Tutu’s Haupia Pie – An island favorite. A very rich and creamy Hawaiian coconut dessert.

Waimea Mist – From the hallowed grounds of Waimea Valley on O’ahu’s north shore comes this blend of tropical flowers softened by fresh water.

White Tea & Ginger – Nurturing scent of delicate Chinese white tea with a touch of spicy ginger.

Read more about these quality candles and place an order by visiting our online store. Our first order of candles will not arrive at the spa until 12/13/10. Placing an order early will help ensure that you will be able to get the scents you want before the holidays. Aloha.