A couples massage lesson in our Scottsdale day spa can be lots of fun

Learn to give your partner a romantic lomi lomi massage in this couples massage lesson.

Couples Massage Lesson in Scottsdale Day Spa

Learn to give your partner a romantic lomi lomi massage in this couples massage lesson.

A really fun treatment that we offer at Hawaiian Experience Spa is our Aloha for Lovers couples massage lesson. In this special treatment you participate in providing your partner with a Lomi Lomi massage while one of our massage therapists works with you every step of the way.

This treatment is a lot different than most couples massage lessons in Scottsdale for two reasons:

First the massage is done lomi lomi style. In a lomi lomi massage your partner is only covered with a small towel and the massage is done on the entire body as the same time. Because of the full body strokes lomi lomi massage can be very sensual, especially when given by a loving partner. This is a great massage for couples to learn.

Second this couples massage lesson emphasizes participation. You will learn the basic first technique in only two or three minutes and you will “hands on” from that point forward. Your massage therapist will also be massaging your partner simultaneously, giving him or her a fantastic and therapeutic experience.

The couples massage lesson is great for birthdays or anytime where you want to treat the other person. Remember you will be working and helping during this treatment. What could be more romantic and giving? If you want to take turns on the massage table simply book two massages in a row and you can both treat each other.

“This was a great experience to share with my boyfriend! He absolutely loved the couples massage! As a student in the health field, it was great to learn an alternative form of medicine. Rather than taking medicine for muscle soarness, we learned that these techniques worked well in decreasing soarness!” Karen J., Chandler

If you would like more comprehensive couples massage lessons in our Scottsdale day spa we can develop a custom package for you. Just email us with your needs or call us at 480-661-2991.

Visit our couples massage lesson page for more information, pricing, and a link to book it now!.