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Members of Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale comment about the spa and membership

Attention Members: Please add your comment below about how our membership works out for you.

Aloha Members and Guests – As you probably know Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale is the only real Scottsdale day spa with a membership option. The membership allows our clients to receive twelve treatments a year for the price of about 7.5. It is a great option for anyone local.

Many of our members have praised the membership because it saves them money and helps them focus on themselves. You can read all about our membership options here.

The focus of this blog post is to allow our members to post comments on the spa membership so non members can see what other clients have to say instead of just what we have to say. So members, please write your comments below. You must me a current member to post a comment. Your email will not be shown or used for any purpose but please enter it so we can be sure you are a member.

Aloha and mahalo nui loa for your comments!


Chocolate spa treatments, chocolate massages, & chocolate couples massages at Hawaiian Experience Spa, Scottsdale

Chocolate spa treatmentWhile eating tons of chocolate may not be advisable, cocoa does have many medicinal benefits when applied in a spa treatment or massage. Cocoa extract is loaded with antioxidants as well as magnesium, an essential mineral in muscle health. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, reducing cramps (including menstrual cramps, leg cramps, etc.) and softening tense muscles. Combined with sea salts and dead sea clay these chocolate spa treatments are definitely a therapeutic and delicious choice.

Our Scottsdale day spa offers three different chocolate spa experiences and each of them can be customized to meet your needs. Click on any chocolate massage to learn all about it.

You can also purchase our chocolate body scrub and chocolate massage lotion at our Scottsdale day spa located at 10855 N. 116th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Enjoy!


The Hot Seashell Massage at our Scottsdale day spa now has a new lower price

Hot Shell Massage

Enjoy a warm and relaxing hot seashell massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale

We are happy to announce that we have lowered the price on our one of a kind hot seashell massage. Up until now this unique massage has been priced $10 higher than similar massages because the seashells have to be replaced frequently.

The hot shell massage in our Scottsdale day spa is the only massage of its kind in the Phoenix valley. Now, with its new lower price, Royal Hawaiian Members can get this massage for only $69 just like other premium massages and spa treatments. Non members save as well.

Read all about the Scottsdale Hot Seashell Massage on our website where you will find prices and a link to Book It Now!


A couples massage lesson in our Scottsdale day spa can be lots of fun

Learn to give your partner a romantic lomi lomi massage in this couples massage lesson.

Couples Massage Lesson in Scottsdale Day Spa

Learn to give your partner a romantic lomi lomi massage in this couples massage lesson.

A really fun treatment that we offer at Hawaiian Experience Spa is our Aloha for Lovers couples massage lesson. In this special treatment you participate in providing your partner with a Lomi Lomi massage while one of our massage therapists works with you every step of the way.

This treatment is a lot different than most couples massage lessons in Scottsdale for two reasons:

First the massage is done lomi lomi style. In a lomi lomi massage your partner is only covered with a small towel and the massage is done on the entire body as the same time. Because of the full body strokes lomi lomi massage can be very sensual, especially when given by a loving partner. This is a great massage for couples to learn.

Second this couples massage lesson emphasizes participation. You will learn the basic first technique in only two or three minutes and you will “hands on” from that point forward. Your massage therapist will also be massaging your partner simultaneously, giving him or her a fantastic and therapeutic experience.

The couples massage lesson is great for birthdays or anytime where you want to treat the other person. Remember you will be working and helping during this treatment. What could be more romantic and giving? If you want to take turns on the massage table simply book two massages in a row and you can both treat each other.

“This was a great experience to share with my boyfriend! He absolutely loved the couples massage! As a student in the health field, it was great to learn an alternative form of medicine. Rather than taking medicine for muscle soarness, we learned that these techniques worked well in decreasing soarness!” Karen J., Chandler

If you would like more comprehensive couples massage lessons in our Scottsdale day spa we can develop a custom package for you. Just email us with your needs or call us at 480-661-2991.

Visit our couples massage lesson page for more information, pricing, and a link to book it now!.


Exotic double lomi lomi massage now available in a 30 minute version at our Scottsdale day spa

Yesterday Cathy experienced a double lomi lomi massage with Steve and Jarid and since than she has been trying to find a way to give everyone the opportunity to try this incredible variation of lomi lomi massage. So today we are introducing a 30 minute version of the double lomi lomi massage and are making it easier from members of our Scottsdale day spa to enjoy the treatment. If you havn’t seen it yet check out the video below which demonstrates single lomi lomi massage:

A double lomi lomi massage is the same as a regular lomi lomi massage except you have two therapists working on you at the same time! With two therapists providing the continuous long flowing full body strokes of the lomi lomi you can get a complete massage experience in only 30 minutes.

Price – 30 minutes $109 (members can apply a credit towards this) BOOK ONE NOW!

More lengths and prices are listed on our Scottsdale Lomi Lomi page. Scroll down to the bottom to see double lomi lomi prices along with member options to use credits.

Members – Because there are two therapists in this treatment we have expanded the number of credits you can use towards the treatment. Check them out here.


Hawaiian Experience Spa revised blog

Aloha – Today we have completely revised our blog with a new, easier to use, format. We are still in the process of recategorizing our older posts to make them fit into our new category structure, however, the major changes have been done.

Our blog is now used to post updates and information on the spa such as sales, new therapists, new treatments, special events, etc. We used to post articles about health, fitness, muscles, etc. but moved those posts to our publication The Massage Advancer. You can visit The Massage Advancer directly or see the last five articles on the right side of this blog. Click on any article for more information.

If you would like a daily email with updates from our blog, if any, please subcribe here. This is totally seperate from our email club in which we send an email with new specials, and other information, about 2-3 times a month.

Please feel free to post comments to any articles. We would love to here from you.

Steve and Cathy


Acne Facial in Scottsdale day spa uses natural oSea products

oSea Mudd Cleanser

oSea's natural deep cleansing mudd is used with the acne facial

The Scottsdale acne facial offered at Hawaiian Experience Day Spa is a favorite of many Scottsdale residents because we only use natural products in this treatment. Unlike many acne treatments this acne facial uses products from oSea, an active naturally derived marine based skin care line. oSea incorporates ingredients found in the ocean such as rich minerals, white, red and black algae, vitamins and Dead Sea salts. oSea also uses other natural ingredients such as white thyme, Shea butter, water lily extract and essential oils.

This natural and organic acne facial is a great choice for anyone who wants to fight acne without using harsh chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Read more about the Scottsdale acne facial at Hawaiian Experience Spa.


Anti-Aging Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Facial in Scottsdale

Since we introduced the Anti-Aging Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Facial a few weeks ago this unique and effective facial has be rapidly growing in popularity. This is a terrific anti aging facial using the awesome power of nature. We love it because all the products are from Hawaii and provide dynamic results. The “secret” ingredient of this treatment is the Hawaiian coffee fruit. The Hawaiian coffee bean is protected by a cherry fruit which contains five unique antioxidants. These antioxidants repair cell damage and neutralize free radicals that cause aging. They also have anti inflammatory, anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Make an appointment for this facial.

Anti-Aging Coffee Fruit Facial

The manufacture of the main product used in this facial is Malie Organics who is one our primary vendors. Most of the body lotions, body washes, candles, body scrubs, etc. that we use at the spa are from Malie. Below is an excerpt from Malie’s website about this new and exciting product:

Use the wisdom and power of nature to reverse the signs of aging with Malie’s Organic Anti-Aging Collection Powered with Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract.

Malie Organics introduces a potent and effective, natural and organic anti-aging skincare collection featuring new plant technology exclusively from the State of Hawaii. Malie’s primary active ingredient, Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract from Kona, possesses more antioxidant power than any other fruit source – and more than any other coffee derivatives used in skincare brands today.

Malie Organics’ Anti-Aging skincare uses the extraordinary renewing and protective nutrients created by nature to dramatically reduce lines, wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. For softer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

How it works:

The coffee fruit creates and stores unique antioxidants and nutrients to protect its seeds (coffee beans) from the tropical sun and other environmental stress. The result: five superior antioxidants working synergistically to repair cell damage and neutralize the free radicals that cause aging. They also provide dynamic anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial action.

The “natural-by-nature” synergistic antioxidant action:

Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract contains five exceptional phenolic antioxidant acids developed by nature to work in combination:

  • Chlorogenic Acid (with anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Caffeic Acid (also with anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Ferulic Acid (reacts against free radicals and repairs cell damage)
  • Quinic Acid (with anti-viral properties)
  • Trigonelline (with anti-bacterial properties to cleanse skin, minimize blemishes and even skin tone)

How we make the purest, all-natural extract:

Luscious, deep red coffee fruit (nourished by tropical sun, abundant mountain rain and rich volcanic soil) is hand picked at peak ripeness when antioxidant power is most plentiful. Using only water, no chemical solvents, we extract a concentrated liquid from the most valuable part of the plant – the mature fruit. It takes 15 pounds of fruit for one pound of pure, rich, molasses-like extract for an exceptionally intense concentration of antioxidants. This amazing Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract blends naturally with our other skin-loving ingredients for visible age-defying results.

All natural skincare with 70% certified organic ingredients. Free of parabens, petroleum, phosphates and fragrance.

Read more about Hawaiian Experience Spa’s Scottsdale Anti-Aging Coffee Fruit Facial


Have a Scottsdale spa party at the Hawaiian spa with our new fixed prices

Check out our new fixed pricing option for spa parties!!! Nothing is more fun than a spa party at our Hawaiian day spa. A Scottsdale spa party is great for any occasion including:

  • Bridal Shower Party
  • Sweet 16 Party
  • Reunions
  • Date night for the two of you and a few friends
  • Birthday Spa Party
  • Baby shower Spa Party
  • Bachelor and bachelorette Spa Party
  • Ladies night out
  • Graduation parties
  • Much, much, more….
  • Check out the fixed prices on our Scottsdale Spa Party page.