Reflexology massage is now being offered at Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale

Now offering reflexology

We are happy to announce that reflexology massage is now being offered at our Scottsdale Day Spa. Reflexology is a special form of massage performed on the feet, hands, and head. The treatment is believed by many to affect the body’s natural energy pathways thereby having a therapeutic effect on the entire body. Archeological evidence shows reflexology has been performed as early as 2704 BCE.

Because your reflexology treatment will be done by a licensed massage therapist your treatment can also include work on any other part of your body if you wish. We can work on your back, hips, neck, etc. whereas reflexologists are only legally allowed to (and are only trained to) work on your hands, feet, and head.

This treatment is done fully clothed (except for the feet) and can be 100% reflexology, or any combination of reflexology and massage therapy. It will be customized to meet your needs.

50 Minutes – Only $49 (On sale July for our Anniversary for only $25!!!)

Visit our reflexology page for more details on this treatment.