Economical Scottsdale Massage For Only $25

For only $25 you can get a 50 minute clothed full body massage with a foot (reflexology) and scalp treatment for only $25 as part of our Scottsdale Day Spa three year anniversary.

Clothed Table Massage With Foot and Scalp Treatment – First we start with a hot towel treatment for your feet and follow this with a reflexology/foot massage. Next we proceed with a full body clothed table massage using

Foot Massage and Full Body - $25

compressions and stretches to relax and release muscles. This will be similar to a chair massage except it will be done on a massage table. A relaxing scalp massage “tops” off this unique and economical treatment.

50 Minutes – $25

Special valid through at least 7/31/10. Call us at 480-661-2991 to schedule your treatment.