Scottsdale massage discounts and sales are all around you

Yes, even a Scottsdale massage can be had at a discount if you take advantage of sales. You can receive a Scottsdale massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona for only $49 with a day spa membership. However, even those who want a Scottsdale massage at the lowest price often do not take advantage of sales.

Currently you can purchase a Scottsdale Massage or any other massage or day spa treatment at our Scottsdale day spa for 30% off. You can use the massage or day spa treatment anytime in 2010. See our gifts page for information.

Other Scottsdale massage and day spa special are available all the time at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona yet clients to not always take advantage of them. So our recommendation if you are considering a Scottsdale massage at our Scottsdale day spa, or at any other spa in the nation is: always look at the spa’s specials page before booking your massage or other treatment. Also, always ask the day spa if they have any massage sales or sales on any other day spa services when you make your appointment.

Click here to see our specials page.

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