Massage is a proven immune system booster

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona – This advanced treatment is a special massage used for building the immune system and detoxifying your body. It is also used to decrease Lymphedema (swelling) and has a “side effect” of being extremely relaxing because the special strokes used in this massage relax the sympathetic nervous system, relieving stress at all levels.

Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels and fluid located just below your skin. It’s main function in the body is to remove toxins from your system by absorbing them into your lymph then transporting them to lymph nodes where the are purified. If the toxin is a bacteria or virus your lymphocytes and natural killer cells will attempt to destroy the invader before it spreads.

Massage therapy has been clinically proven by the University of Miami School of Medicine and others to increase the number of killer cells and lymphocytes in the body. Lymphatic drainage techniques also manually increase the lymph flow by approximately 25x, greatly enhancing your body’s natural healing and detoxification process. Many scientific studies and vast clinical experience have shown the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage.

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Scottsdale Lymphatic Drainage at Hawaiian Experience Spa