Massage is proven to enhance the body’s immune system

Your lymphatice system is your immune system

Your lymphatice system is your immune system

One of the clinically proven facts about massage therapy is it’s effect on enhancing the immune system. In a study by the University of Miami School of Medicine (Natural killer cells and lymphocytes increase in women with breast cancer following massage therapy by Hernandez-Reif, et al.) research showed conclusively that massage therapy increases the amount of natural killer cells and lymphocytes in the body. These cells are a key part of the body’s immune system.

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While all massage enhance your body’s immune system, a lymphatic drainage massage is specifically designed for that purpose. Lymphatic Drainage is a very medically recognized therapy and is used at hospitals through out the world.

At Hawaiian Experience Spa we offer this treatment which we often combine with a Swedish massage for enhanced detoxification and immune building. For more information please visit our Lymphatic Drainage web page.

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