Mana: Hawaiian Huna Principle 6 of 7

Volcanoes National Park, HI /

Volcanoes National Park, HI /

In this sixth of seven articles on Hawaiian Shamanic teachings that form the basis of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, we discover the source of all power.

The Sixth Principle: MANA – All Power Comes From Within

If you have reviewed the first five principles you know there are no limits (Kala) and now is the moment of power (Manawa). But where do we get the power from to act and effect change in our lives? Many religions put this power with God, with followers taught to pray to God for the life changes they need and/or desire. Only through God’s will and with His divine intervention, or at least approval, can real change be made. If a follower of this belief system is stuck in a bad job or relationship they often attribute it to “God’s will”. Others believe that the power to act comes from past events (karma), upbringing, the government, their spouse, or some other external factor.

In contrast to these many views, Hawaiian Huna teachings tell us that All Power Comes From Within – specifically all power that creates our own experiences, and forms our life circumstances.

To make changes you cannot wait for God to perform a miracle, for the government to help you, for your boss to offer you a promotion, etc. You must reach inside yourself, realize that you are in control, and use that power to effect change. In psychology this is the philosophy of “inner authority.” Decisions for your life are given to you, and taken away others. Once you create this inner authority, you have control of your own destiny, drawing from within to effect change. This acceptance of your own power gives you confidence and control over your life, alleviating feelings of helplessness and despair.

All power comes from within…You have control of your life.

For additional information read The Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King (ISBN 0-671-68307-1).

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