The Fifth Hawaiian Principle: ALOHA – To Love Is To Be Happy With

Picture taken on Maui, HI / Steve Ibach

Picture taken on Maui, HI / Steve Ibach

Hawaiian Shaman are the great healers in Hawaiian culture. Through their unique understanding and views about the universe they have developed many powerful healing practices (such as the original form of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage) for both the mind and body. At the core of their beliefs are seven sacred principles.

The Fifth Principle: ALOHA – To Love Is To Be Happy With
Aloha is the word for love in the Hawaiian language. Love is happiness and happiness is love; hence the description To Love Is To Be Happy With. Love produces only happiness. Fear, doubt, and resentment produce unhappiness. Fear, anger, and doubt lead to the dark side. Yes, many “beliefs” of the Jedi (from the movie series Star Wars) come from ancient shamanic teachings. How else would they seem so wise?

Fear, anger, and doubt lead to criticism. Criticism is the destroyer of love. Praise on the other hand, builds love and happiness. Your Ku memory cannot distinguish between criticism of yourself and criticism of others or even of things. If you are angry at your car, your body will react as if you were angry at yourself. Your muscles will tighten, stress hormones will be produced, and your immunity to sickness will decrease. On the other hand, if you love your car, you will have no stress associated with it. You love it, you accept it (even if it is kind of beat up) and it makes you happy.

Criticize yourself and your whole body is affected. You cannot be truly happy if you do not love yourself and others. There is enormous power is this principle. If you can change from a cycle of distrust, anger, fear, and doubt about yourself, your job, your spouse, and the world in general, to a cycle of acceptance of others, and love for yourself and those around you, your entire perceived world will change. Happiness will replace sadness; confidence will replace doubt; and joy will replace anger. To love is to be happy with…

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