Manawa: Now Is The Moment Of Power – The Fourth Sacred Hawaiian Principle

Sun set on the Big Island of Hawaii

Sun set on the Big Island of Hawaii

Throughout time philosophers, healers, and regular people have searched for the secrets of true happiness and purpose. In their search for these answers the shaman of Hawaii have developed seven sacred shamanic principles. These principles are at the heart of Hawaiian Shamanic beliefs and also from the basis of traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

The Fourth Principle: MANAWA (ma-NAV-a): Now Is The Moment Of Power

Some Eastern beliefs attribute your current circumstances to Karma. What you did in your past life is creating your circumstances today and you are powerless to help it. Some Western views attribute your present circumstances, attitudes, and beliefs to your heredity or social upbringing. Hawaiian Shamanic beliefs, however, are in stark contrast to both of these views.

The shaman contend that it is your beliefs, your decisions, and your actions that form who you are today. Your circumstances at the moment are the result of your own actions, not your upbringing or past life. There is no one to blame and no one to praise for how your life is going at this moment. It is you that created this life, and you that perpetuates its existence in its current form.

Always remember that the past is over. All of our scientific advances and increases in our understanding of the universe have not shown any way to reverse the flow of time. Your life always starts now. Now is the moment of power. Now is the time you can control. The rest of your life starts now.

You need to be in the here and now to have power over your life. You can change the physical future by acting now, and you can change your feelings or body memory (your Ku) of past events that affect you. By acting now to view past, present, and future the way you want to view them (IKE – Is the glass half full or empty…), by removing self imposed limits (KALA) and by focusing your attention and energy on the right things (MAKIA) you have the power to act, now.

For additional information read The Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King (ISBN 0-671-68307-1).

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