Spa client finds the hidden gift card

Melissa Douglas, of Gilbert AZ found the hidden gift card on 10/10/09 after over turning lots of rocks in Scottsdale. Keep watching our blog or better yet, subscribe to our email club, and you will be notified when the fun contest starts. More information on Melissa’s find is also posted on

Melissa has a great story as to how she found the gift card:

When I first read about this contest, I got all excited. I love a good challenge! I told my husband about it, who also loves a good puzzle, and he was hooked, too. We anxiously awaited the first clue: it’s plastic. Come on guys, throw us a bone! But, we figured it would take awhile until we started getting some REAL clues. I think the clue that really spoke to us was the distance. We went to Googlemaps and narrowed it down to McDowell Sonoran Preserve. And then, it was as if the planets aligned…the only day I could go out hunting (cough) hiking was early Saturday morning while my husband was home to watch our 2 little girls. So, I got on my sneaks and headed up to the Preserve.

I had my husband send me the picture of the rock to my cell phone, but that only really helped once I found the right combination of tree, distance from the trail, and the view of Camelback. I started out at the Lost Dog Wash trailhead heading East. If you haven’t been there, there are rocks EVERYWHERE! I started to think this was not going to be an easy task. I came to maybe the 5th tree on the left and saw a rock that resembled the one in the clue. Could it be this easy? I picked it up and no, it was not that easy. I continued up the trail, but as the trail started to curve around the mountain, I realized that I could no longer see Camelback and knew that this trail was not where I needed to be. So, I turned off at the Anasazi Spur, which looped back around towards the trailhead. This trail was a lot more rocky on the path, but not a whole lot of trees to shade them. I soon ran out of trees altogether and found an access path back to the Lost Dog Wash
trail, but it actually dumped me back out on the road into the parking lot. I decide to head back to the trailhead and start over.

I then remember that the trail goes off to the left, too. Hmmm. I head that way, which follows the edge of the parking lot. The conditions are perfect. There’s Camelback. Nice big shady trees and rocks just hanging out under them. I look for the rock in the picture. I glance back at a tree on my left and notice a rock that looks like the little rock in the picture. But, the rock next to it looks much bigger than the one in the picture. Maybe it’s just a different angle? I get up close and move the smaller rock and see cobwebs and gunk in between. No, this rock hasn’t been moved in a long time. I then try to nudge it a little, but it’s pretty heavy. I decide to keep moving on. But, curiousitygot the better of me and I had to go back. I looked at the picture again and dang if everything else in the picture doesn’t line up, too. OK, I have to move that rock. I grabbed it with both hands and there, like Charlie Bucket’s golden ticket was the bright blue sky
on the gift card sitting there in the dirt. I did quite the little happy dance right there, all by myself.

This was SO much fun. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the prize (and can’t wait to use it!), but if you want to hide a paperclip and post clues, I’d be on board!

Thanks so much!

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