Therapeutic Massage in Scottsdale, AZ at Hawaiian Experience Day Spa

Therapeutic Massage in Scottsdale, AZ

Therapeutic Massage in Scottsdale, AZ

Therapeutic massages (sometimes called deep tissue) and relaxation massages are the most common types of massages offered in Scottsdale, and perhaps everywhere. Our day spa, as well as dozens of massage clinics and individual massage therapists offer therapeutic massages in Scottsdale. Both therapeutic massages and relaxation massages provide muscle pain and tension relief but they each serve a different purpose. Understanding the difference between the therapeutic massage and the relaxation massage will help you spend your money wisely the next time you are asked, “Would you like relaxation or deep tissue.”

Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale, AZ offers several types of therapeutic massages ranging from traditional to Hawaiian. Visit our Scottsdale massage page for a complete list of therapeutic massages offered at our day spa.

A relaxation massage is generally a lighter massage that is focused on reducing stress and relaxing your mind, more than your muscles (see ‘Relaxation massages: Will they really relax your muscles?’ for more information). A therapeutic massage or deep tissue massage, is more designed to treat muscle tension or pain. In a therapeutic massage your therapist will normally use deeper pressure to affect the release of the muscles causing your discomfort.

A therapeutic massage is the broadest category of massage and overlaps both relaxation and medical massage. The deeper more focused work in this massage can often be very relaxing and therapeutic because stress reduction can occur once your tense muscles are released. Although this massage does not have the specific focus of a medical massage, it is used to treat a variety of medical conditions including chronic pain, neck tension, backaches, and more.

Consider a therapeutic massage at Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale when…

  • You have a stiff neck that you want addressed as part of your massage, even if the cause is stress
  • You have muscle tension or pain that you want treated as part of your massage
  • You have a general backache from overwork, life, etc.
  • You generally like deep pressure massages

Consider a relaxation massage at Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale if…

  • You feel stressed and want to relax mentally
  • You feel tired and feel like you need more energy
  • You feel generally sore or week from muscle stress or overwork

Consider a medical massage at Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale if…

  • You have a diagnosed condition you need treated
  • Your primary focus is to get one or two specific areas treated

If you have any doubts about which massage is best you should not hesitate to speak with the us at Hawaiian Experience Spa about your goals and let us recommend a massage for you. We may be better able than you in determining which treatment will fit your goals, as long as you honestly share those goals with the us.

Note: Some Scottsdale spas differentiate between therapeutic and deep tissue massages. In this case the therapeutic massage is basically a partial deep tissue massage where the therapist uses deep tissue techniques for part of the time. Unless you know you want a full deep massage for the whole time, the therapeutic massage will suit your needs fine. There is no need to spend the extra money for the ‘deep tissue’.