IKE: The World is What You Think It Is – Sacred Hawaiian Principle 1 of 7

The First Principle: IKE (pronounced E’-kay): The World Is What You Think It Is.

Is the glass half empty or half full? Is the rain good for plants or bad for swimming? We all create our own reality with how we look at answers to thousands of questions like the two above. An example of creating one’s own reality can be found in many training manuals for professional sales people. Because of the constant rejection (almost no one wants to speak with a sales person, at least at first) good sales people study the art of self motivation. Sales people create their our own way of looking at the rejection. For example, sales people calculate how many “No’s” they receive on average before they get a “Yes”. Then every NO is money in the bank. If a sales person knows she needs 10 “no’s” to get a ‘yes”, she can thank people for saying NO because each “no” is one closer to a “yes”! It is all a matter of perception.

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At Hawaiian Experience Spa we perform the “temple style” of lomi lomi massage. In this style we observe the seven sacred principles and include several ancient customs and practices. You will note during your next visit that one principle is painted above each door in the spa.

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