Treat and prevent leg cramps with massage, magnesium, water, calcium, potassium, and more.

Leg cramps can occur anytime

Leg cramps can occur anytime

There are many causes of leg cramps (see: Understanding the causes of leg cramps will help you take steps to prevent them) and an equal number of cures and treatments. If you suffer from leg cramps at night or any time, try these simple measures and you may find the relief you have been seeking for this painful condition.

Leg cramps – Cures and treatments

Quick Treatment – Every night before bed take a calcium and magnesium supplement. These two minerals are essential for muscle health. Try 600 mg of Calcium and 300 mg of magnesium. Increase the calcium to 1200 mg and the magnesium to 600 mg if needed.

Hydration– Often, cramps are caused by dehydration. In Arizona dehydration can occur…Full Story

If you live in the Phoenix vicinity, make an appointment at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona if your suffer from any type of cramps. Medical massage therapy is very effective in reducing or eliminating cramps in the legs.

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