How to find the best massage in Scottsdale, Arizona

palmloungeFinding the best massage in Scottsdale, Arizona is no easy feat. There are countless numbers of day spas, massage clinics, resort spas, and private massage therapists offering dozens of different types of massages. Each spa and each therapist offers something different. We believe that for many people the best massage in Scottsdale can be found at Hawaiian Experience Spa, however, even we are not the best choice for everyone.

If you are looking for a massage followed by some time soaking in hot tubs or swimming in a luxurious pool then a resort spa is the choice for you. You will pay about double for your massage, however, you have access to more amenities then you will find at Hawaiian Experience Spa or at any day spa.

If you want the absolute lowest price you may want to find a therapist who works out of his house (not legal in Scottsdale but many therapists still do this). You can likely find a massage for $40 dollars an hour with some therapists. Of course, you give up any amenities and are taking a chance by entering a private home to receive a massage.

The bottom line is that there is no right answer for everyone. Hawaiian Experience Spa offers an affordable price in a nice relaxing environment, with memberships to reduce the prices even further for regular visitors; however, even we are not for everyone. You certainly have lots of choices in Scottsdale when it comes to massage therapy (and almost everything else). Aloha.

Article written by:

Steve Ibach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Fitness Consultant

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