Use Alternating Heat and Ice to Help your Muscles

Try this little trick the next time your muscles or joints are sore – alternate heat and ice. Apply three minutes of heat, followed by one minute of ice to the affected area. This technique forces blood in and out of the capillaries bringing nutrition to the affected muscles and flushing waste out of the affected area. You can use this technique 1 – 3 times in succession, then repeat it every few hours if desired. If your feet or ankles (or hands/wrists) are sore you can use a big bucket of hot water and a big bucket of ice water. Dip your foot in the hot water for three minutes then in the cold water for one minute. Always end in the cold and don’t make the heat so hot that you burn yourself! Always use common sense. If you have any serious medical condition, are in poor health, or have any diagnosed condition effecting the area (such as tendonitis, arthritis, etc.), consult with a medical professional before performing any self therapy.