Weight Loss Quick Tip

by: Steve Ibach

Build muscle tissue and burn more calories even when you are not exercising. It is absolutely true that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even when you are not active. That means if you can increase the amount of muscle tissue in your body, compared to the amount of fat tissue, you will burn more calories every minute of the day just to maintain your body’s systems.

How do I do this? Add weight lifting to your exercise routine in the right proportions and you will build muscle tissue and lose fat tissue without building huge muscles. Simply starting a weight lifting routine where you do 20 repetition of each exercise at the heaviest weight you can properly handle and still do 20 repetitions. Then work out those muscles twice a week until you can do 25 repetitions. Once you can do 25 reps, increase the weight so you can only do 20 reps again. This routine will build muscle tone (not bulk) and will help you lose weight along with a proper diet.

Always consult a doctor before starting an exercise routine and seek professional training on how to properly perform weight lifting exercises.